Managing your human resources is almost an art, most of the time you have to be creative on what to do, and how to do it, in order to keep the people working happy, and productive.

There are so many tasks, and are all so essential, that it is hard to keep track of all that has to be done in this department.

This been said, there are plenty of tools now to order and keep track of your working process, for an example you could keep count of the team’s calendar with a digital agenda such as Google Calendar, or use a digital board to track the advance of your working process.

In this article, we are going to talk about using Restyaboard to support your human resource department.

About Restyaboard

Restyaboard is an online/downloadable tool based on the canvas method for organizing the process, on the difference to most canvas based apps out there, the Restyaboard lets you check out other people’s non-private boards, so there are tons of ideas out there you can check to see how to organize your board.

It allows you to create an organization (Which is what we are going to do for our department) that can manage several boards and keep track of one or more calendars. It also helps to move information faster, being able to see how everything is going through this app, will reduce the need for sending emails, and organizing meetings.

Just like everything else, using Restyaboard to support your human resource department has advantages, so let’s check them out:


  • You can manage your board of process and keep a data calendar at the same time.
  • All information is shared on a real-time basis.
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.
  • Members can do offline modifications and it will update once they have access to the internet again.

How Can I Use It? How Do I Arrange It?

As we said before, you will first create an organization, in which you will add all the members of your human resources team. This is the step one, now we recommend making one board for every process needed.

Now to create a board you go to your organization and press the button on the top left side of your screen, give a name to your board and you are ready to design it.

Boards are basically columns which represent parts of the process, these columns will vary according to the process we need to organize and will contain cards, which we will move through the process as everything advances.

Cards are the movable pieces of your process, can contain pictures, checklists, files, comments, and dates.

A human resource department as you probably know has three basic competencies to take care about.


When we speak about human resources, the first thing that comes to our minds is recruitment, that’s because it is the first and main responsibility of this department. To keep track of your recruitments, we recommend using the next structure “New candidates / No response or decline / Match after review / Candidates for interview / Passed interview / Selected”.

This is a basic recruitment process, and you should open a board like this for every position to fulfill in your company. When doing this, your process of recruitment will be organized and members of the team can collaborate and evaluate how things are going without much trouble.


Depending on your country this might be divided into two boards (Since firing may be a completely different process), but to keep track of your employee’s evaluations, is recommended to use one board for each department in your company, and making the cards so they represent employees. If your board is taking in all of the company’s employees, we recommend adding them a checklist with their monthly/weekly responsibilities, this way you keep track of their accomplishment easier.

Doing this will allow you to move and check every employee faster, this will help you know if they need to be trained in any of their responsibilities, have what it takes to be moved forward in the company or can be a leisure to the company if staying.

As you may have deduced, the columns will be named after your evaluation process, this varies in every company but we recommend doing it this way “Doing well / Needs Revision / Under Review / Needs Training / Needs Motivation / Needs Counseling / Second Review / Not improving”.

If using this structure you are only giving to changes to every employee for improving their quality or behavior and might guarantee better results for your company's development.

Times, vacations, and process calculating

For this responsibility, we are using the two tools of our Restyaboard at the same time, we can organize a board for every department, just as before, and divide our columns this way “Active / On vacations / On repose / Non-paid permissions / On forewarning” Just as before, every card on this boards will be representing your company’s employees, in the cards, we recommend specifying dates in which the positions are changing. This structure will not only help you to know who are active working by day but also will allow you to know who are those retiring from their activities in a more visual way.

Also is a good idea to help yourself with the digital calendar that Restyaboard offers, this way you will be reminded of when to change every card of position according to their specific contracts.