Playing games is one of the most popular hobbies out there right now, several people play alone, or with their friends, in the same place or connected online, and there are tons of games and categories out there for you to serve.

But some people take their gaming to a whole other level, those we usually call “The pros”, these guys make their gaming so good and so popular, that are even making profits out of their gaming.

On this article, we are going to talk about the ways you can make money with your gaming like they do, the top MMORPG to make money on 2016, and how you can use certain tools to support and improve your online gaming.

So let’s start making you the next “Pro”.

4 Ways to Make Money out of Playing Games

There are several ways to make money on the internet, you could get into pay per clicks, affiliate programs or many other ways, but today we bring you ways to make a profit out of your online gaming.

Uploading Your Gameplays on Youtube

If you know how to monetize your YouTube videos, this is the simplest way to make money out of your gaming, just upload on YouTube your gameplays and promote those videos. Sometimes you will have to edit the videos since most people wouldn’t watch a whole match all the time.

Streaming Your Gameplays on Twitch

This is another well-known way to make money online and is simpler since you won’t need to have any edition skills; this is because you are being watched on direct and real time.

Just like YouTube, you make money on twitch according to your views, yet this second option presents other features that may help you make more money, people can pay subscriptions, to obtain any additional benefit you offer in your channel. And also people can pay donations to your channel so you can go on streaming.

Getting a Sponsor

This is the hardest way to go, but one of the more profitable ones, if you participate in match games, like League Of Legends or DotA for example, you can get in a more sport-like environment, where as long as you play like a pro, you will be able to get contracts with sponsors for your gaming in the events

Another way to do money is getting you a gaming blog, of course, that this means a lot more work that all of the above but is by far the most profitable way to go.

Your blog may content posts about game launches, game critics, gaming guides, stories and experiences you had in your games that the users may find interesting, and of course information that they can use to be better at the games you post about.

Just Another Way to Go

There is just another way to make money by playing online games, but not all games consider this legal, there are games like Entropia Universe, and Second life, which openly allows game currency changed into real life money, US dollars, through virtual wallets like PayPal or Neteller. Other games like Blade and Soul, Aion, and TERA, just don’t penalize the action of selling in-game currency, as long as you deal with the transaction and its consequences.

This is usually known as “Gold Farming”, the way to proceed would be to exceed when playing a specific game, make sure is a very popular one, since he demand will make sure you have better incomes, and that it doesn’t penalize this kind of transactions.

Another aspect to take in count would be if the game has some future, if critics say that the game is having a huge descent after the release hype, then it is not worth to put your effort in it.

Remember that this activity is not all well seen by all players, and it may affect your playability.

Now that you know what are the ways you can make most income with your gaming, how about if we tell you where you can play this year.

Where Should I Play?

Usually, I would tell you to play anywhere you like, but one thing is for sure, if you are going to take profit from your gaming, you will need to be playing games with a high population of people going on, so here is a small list of the most popular games still in 2016.

World of Warcraft

Yep, believe it or not, this old jewel is still king in both registered accounts and active player monthly so, if you don’t mind the 2008 graphics and like the click per spell and click to move game style, this is a good place to start.

On the bad side, well you would have a nice bunch of competitors trying to make a profit themselves and since it is a very old game, getting to be a pro, is hard when starting from scratch.

Final Fantasy XIV

A Square Enix Jewel, with a nice base of 1.5 million active players in June this year, a beautiful gameplay and scenarios and pretty much appealing story, a must-play for MMO fans, and a nice place to make some cash.

Guild Wars 2

With the free to play model they applied, GW2 actually hit 7 million active players after the release of the “Heart of thorns” expansion last year. Even thought that went down a lot, the game has the possibilities to see even bigger numbers if they keep going with such a nice content updating.

League of legends, DOTA, Heroes of the storm

These three games have something in common, they are MOBA games, they involve playing in a team and ranking, yet also people organize tournaments on them and in the case of LOL and DOTA, they are pretty popular and escalated in such a way you can get sponsored for playing.

EVE, Second Life, Rune Scape, Entropia Universe

These four games are the ones that allow freely conversion of their currency in real money, but still if you want to have fun, the best game in this group is Entropia Universe.


Ok, Restyaboard is an online app (you can also download the app, but I don’t) based on the canvas method to organize your life a little bit, the idea with this is that you keep track of your gaming so you can actually know if you are making a good profit out of it.

To do this we will recommend you to create a board with three columns, one for the game missions and events so you get notified at your mail and can log as soon as you need to, another for the incomes, so you can evaluate how much you are making every week/month.

At the end your board should be looking like the one below:

On addition you can add to each card, dates, comments, tags, and checklists, so feel free to personalize your board and be every time more disciplined about your gaming.

Now that you know how to make money and improve your online gaming using Restyaboard, tell us, how was your experience to play this way? What games do you think are more profitable? How else would you organize your gaming?

Remember, it’s not only about the money, make sure to always have fun.