As parents, there are a lot of things to be responsible of and one of them is the motivation our kids have towards their studies. The best way to do this is having organized the way they study at home. In this article, you will learn about how to organize your kids time at home, to make them feel comfortable and used to study at home, help in the house and have specific times for recreation and rest.

To keep this in order, we will use the Restyaboard, which is an online app that allows you to organize activities and keep good track of their accomplishment. Using Restyaboard is quite easy, it is fast, and won’t take much of your time, while also helping you keep your children's schedule under control.

So here is some advice on what you have to consider if you want your kids to feel motivated.

The Resting Hours

First thing first, just like us, kids need to properly rest in order to do what they have to do when they are awake, the most organize and efficient their resting hours are, the better they will perform all of their activities.

Keep in mind that children should sleep eight hours straight every day, this way their attention, motivation, and mood, will not be affected by the lack of sleep.

The Space for Study

When we are kids, everything is amazing and calls upon our attention, so to keep your children focused on his current activity while studying. The space should be away from any distractions such as TV, games, and other tools that might call your kid’s attention.

The Time to Study

Time is no way less important than space is. It is a good idea to make your children get used to having specific times to study, it works just like sleeping hours, once your kid knows that 5:00pm is time for homework, he will look for you by himself. This will also help them in their future careers and long working hour

The best way to form this habit in your children is to teach them from the beginning, once they turn five years old, is a good time to start teaching them when is time to do their home activities, whether is painting or reading at that age, is the best moment to start. And planning of it can be done with Restyaboard.

Give Them Rewards

Have you ever heard about Gamification? Now that you have a moment and a place for your children to study, you want him to keep and enjoy doing so. The best way to reinforce this behavior is for them to notice that there are consequences to their actions, you can reward them with small prizes, verbal complements, and at the end of the week something like preparing or buying their favorite meal, taking them for an outdoor activity they like or just going to watch a movie they want if they accomplished all weekly goals.

This rewards must not be big material things, what is most recommended is a realistic prize, something that will make them know that their effort is appreciated, while not affecting your numbers or giving them a bad idea of why they are studying.

You can also prepare big prizes and rewards, but only for special occasions, like the end of the academic year, or if they participate and succeed in some school event.

Is important to remember that all rewards will only be given if the goals are achieved.

Need for a Snack

Is important to have your children fed and hydrated before studying time, a healthy snack can help them be more energetic, also, being hydrated prevents sleepiness.

Other Activities Are Just as Important

I easy to get confused by this, and this is the main reason why we recommend using Restyaboard to get everything in order, the kids free time, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities he has at home, as well as your free time (alone, with your partner or with your children), are just as important the time to study.

Keep in mind that everything has to be in balance so it is recommended that you plan free time activities as well (This includes those weekend rewards we talked about before).

Remember to respect your own free time, your mood and energy will affect your kid’s, as well as their relation with you and the way they develop their activities.

This been said you have to pay real attention to your son’s/daughter’s extracurricular activities. They are usually amazing, but if the kid has too many things to do after school, he will probably be too tired to do his homework, and the lack of free time can also affect his social development.

How to Organize Everything

Ok, now is time to get everything in order. The Restyaboard interface is easy to use, and it will allow you to create columns (Which we will fill with activities) and fill them with cards that will represent the activities to be planned.

We strongly recommend to divide the columns into days of the week, as you can see in the image below:

After doing this, you can schedule in cards every activity, according to the day of the week, and order in which they should be developed. Notice in the image below that the cards include extracurricular activities, as well as free time activities just as we mentioned before.

You can also specify the time for each activity in their respective card, and play with the options to create a checklist so you can keep a track on the accomplishment of your kid's goals.