All professions are needed in order for society to improve and survive, yet those who are given the task to keep knowledge moving, need to constantly evaluate and improve the way they do their jobs.

Teachers worldwide have to spend serious amounts of time on the preparation of content, organization of such content, preparing the evaluation systems for their class and the activities that can allow their pupils to understand and manipulate the information, faster and better.

For organizing and creating this kind of content, there are several systems that can help you as a teacher to improve and ease your work.

In this article, we are going to talk about Restyaboard, and how you can use it to organize your class activities.


Based on the canvas method for process organization, Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app, which can be used to organize almost anything; it also counts with a calendar that you can use to be more aware of your dates, appointments, and deadlines.

You can program boards to remind you of your appointments via email, so you can keep a good track of what you have to do as a teacher.


  • You can manage your board and keep track of your calendar in one place.
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.
  • If offline, you can make modifications and they will update once you get connected.
  • Shares information directly with your teamwork if you are not alone.

How to Use It?

Using Restyaboard is quite simple, the system consists in the possibility of creating as many boards as you want, that can be used to arrange activities, organize the process, lists of errands and almost any use you can think of when it comes to getting things done.

When using Restyaboard you will encounter two main elements:

The lists

Which are the columns in which you will organize your content, most of the time they represent parts of the process like the status in which the movable part of the process will be according to what you have done.

The cards

Cards are going to contain all information about the activity, or item that can move along the steps of your process (the lists). Cards can contain dates, tags, pictures, files and comments, so they have all you need to organize any sort of activity.

Now that you know the basics, we recommend you to create two board templates to organize your class activities. One to organize your persona “to-do” list, and another for every class you have, which will be arranged according to your country.

For the Teacher

When you need to organize and manage a group of people, the first thing is to have an order in your own activities. Now to do this we will recommend you to create a standard “to do” template on your Restyaboard, this template is composed of three lists, "To-do, Doing, and Done" how to use it is quite simple, just create a card for each task you have to do your work on your “to-do” list, and move the cards as they change between those categories.

At the end your board should look like this:

You can use tags, dates and comments, as well as checklists to make it easier to remember and organize what you are doing in here.

For the Class

Now to organize your class, we will recommend creating one board per classroom, just to keep everything in order easily, still you can use color tags to identify different classrooms on the same board if you like.

The structure should be held like this:


The first three columns will be your time periods of time (Depending on where you are, they are laps, or periods, trimesters or semesters) here you are going to include cards with your classes content and activities, and there are going to be some specifications in your cards.

Class content

For your class content you will add the date when the class will be given on each card, a color tag if you are taking only one class on your board, to identify it, and a checklist with the boxes “Research, preparing, prepared” on it.

Class activities

Nowadays just giving out content is not the best way to distribute knowledge, so it is always needed to create practical activities to help enhance this knowledge in your pupils. On this cards all you will need is the name activity, a comment about how it is, you can attach the files involved with it, and of course, the date of each activity.

Class Evaluations

When evaluating your content, it is important to keep track of the times and quantity of students, it is a good idea when creating these cards to attach the date and a file with the assistance list of the day you made the evaluation. Also, You should always put a checklist with the next boxes on it, “Preparing – Prepared – Evaluated – on system” (The on system applies only if you have to upload your results in any institutional platform.

Special Considerations

In this column you can include cards with the special considerations whether on the section or specific students, that you feel are important to keep real track of their development and may help you correct some deviances they may have got.

The final result of your board should look close to this: