When starting a new business, the first goal to engage is having a nice project management.

Most people start their business projects almost randomly, not following an exact order or having enough information to guarantee success.

Yet having a project, for small as it can have its science, so in this article, we are going to show you how to improve your project management and help yourself out using a tool named Restyaboard to make things easier.

We are going to talk about

  • What is project management
  • What is Restyaboard
  • How does Restyaboard work
  • How to improve project management using Restyaboard

What Is Project Management?

It may sound like too much, but let’s define this for a moment, is the process which you use to plan, direct and control, the development of an acceptable system between a minimal cost and a specific period of time.

Most of the project failures are given to the lack of a good project management. Among the first reasons to consider a project as failed, we can find:

  • Unidentified or unsatisfied needs to be covered.
  • Uncontrolled changes in the project.
  • Excessive costs
  • Delay in the accomplishment of goals or project termination.

So this been said, when starting a project, you should identify certain features to avoid this possible failure (more on that later).

On project management there are several aspects to take in count, the most common, and especially when business related, are:


  • Information analysis
  • Risks evaluation
  • Current situation diagnosis
  • Project validation
  • Range definition
  • Setting the objectives
  • Resources estimation
  • Project formalization


  • Options for engagement
  • Market study
  • Technical and legal study
  • Financial and economic study
  • Design of the product, service or process
  • Detailed plan of action
  • Resources assignation
  • Financial scheme


  • Tasks and responsibilities designation
  • Project announcement
  • Team training
  • Activities coordination
  • Approval from regulatory entities
  • Systems of information and control
  • Management indicators
  • Begin operations

Execution and tracking

  • Accompaniment in operation
  • Control indicators
  • Evaluation and tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Tendency prognostics

All these are the essential parts of a business project management and will be part of our main board later.

What is Restyaboard?

Restyaboard is an app based on the canvas model for organizing your project process, which you can download or use online depending on your preferences. It works by organizing activities in columns, named after essential parts of your processor categories, and filling them with mobile cards that contain your activities. This app also counts with a calendar that can be used to keep track of your dates and deadlines.

You can program Restyaboard to remind you of your of the event and sell deadlines too, so you can keep good track of your department development.


  • If working in a team, this app can ease communication since everyone can see the status of the project on the board.
  • You can turn on desktop notifications when needed.
  • If you are offline, you can still make changes on your board and they will upload later.
  • Since it counts with the board and the calendar is like two apps in one.

How Does Restyaboard Work?

Using Restyaboard consists in creating as many boards as you want, that can be used to arrange activities, organize the process, lists of errands and almost any use you can think of when it comes to getting things done.

You will find two main elements when using Restyaboard:

The lists

These are columns in which you can organize your content, they should preferably represent parts of a process or categories, where your cards can move depending on what you do with the activities.

The cards

Cards are small boxes that can contain your activity information; they can also be attached with files, pictures, checklists, dates, deadlines, and tags to optimize the organization of your current process.

Now that you know the basics, we recommend you to create a board that contains columns that represent the steps and needs of a project creation as stated before; also most of the steps described are sub-process and will be better carried if managed with boards of their own.

How to Improve Project Management Using Restyaboard?

Remember the essential parts we talked about above? “Concept, Design, Implementation, and Execution and tracking” Well those are your main Restyaboard lists. Leaving you a result such as this:

After creating the main list, we recommend following the next tips for an easier process management:

  • Create tags for the conventional phases of each process “To-do, Doing, Done” so you can tag and keep track of how everything is going on in each process.
  • Several of the sub-processes that we presented before will be more organized if having their own board to manage them.
  • Add prudent deadlines to your stages of the process, this will increase you and your team’s productivity, and somehow ensure that the project doesn’t get delayed as a whole because of step by step delays.
  • When making your project public, make sure all previous steps were correctly done with and if possible double check all the information you have at that point.
  • Understand that a business project is actually never finished, you should always re-do some steps, use new information to improve, pivot or reinforce your procedures, create or improve your products and services or even know if and when the market makes it better to give up.
  • Is recommended if you are investing, going for larger earnings instead of lower risks.