The recruitment process has been changing during the last years, just as the internet helped change most of the information related processes in companies; the possibilities for recruitment have improved to a higher and faster standard.

Nowadays most mid and big sized companies won’t even take the recruitment process by themselves but will delegate this responsibility to someone specialized in this one activity.

Either if you are an entrepreneur, a human resource manager, or just working in a recruitment company, this article will show you how to improve your hiring process, by respecting your times better and using Restyaboard to support the order of your working process.

Things That Affect the Process and the Deadline

Among the limits that will usually affect the recruitment process, there are, the budget, politics, and strategies of the company, and the lack of systems that automatize the management of the candidates.

Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the time it takes from having the need to cover competencies in a company, to getting the job covered by the best candidate possible.

Here are some facts to take in count:

Human resource plans

By having a good plan inside the company, using a promotion system, so they can previously define which positions can be filled with active members of the company, and which have to be filled with candidates from outside.

The information we start with

For the hiring process we need to have a lot of information which will be the base of our search for the perfect candidate, you need to be aware of the company’s needs, the competencies of the position to be filled, a research of what you can find in the market and have an idea of the methods you will use to filter the applicants.

Information during the process

Receiving resumes, via email and on paper, can be an excessive charge of information for your recruitment team, so the best way to proceed is to limit the reception of the resumes to a digital base.

Also, it is a good idea to know the candidates before allowing them the interview, it takes some extra time at first, but fill help you filter better if you use other information, like social media, to see if those who apply for the job are fit to the profile you are looking for.

Time varies

Depending on how complex the competencies are for a job position, some may take more time than others, so trying to make a standard time for all positions is not a good idea.

Make meetings only when necessary

Meetings are amazing tools to make everyone is involved in the process, getting to know specific information about logistics, organization, and how the work is advancing. But on most occasions, they can mean a waste of time for those involved. Make sure every meeting is well structured and necessary so it has more benefits that disadvantages.

Learn from the past

When recruiting, use past experiences, always evaluate what has worked for your process in the past, and discard what hasn’t.

Managing Time Better

The work it means to recruit can be diminishing by taking this few tips in count:

Keep the order

We must keep the right order during our activities, is important to have priorities in order, optimize the usage of tools and systems, and keep all databases organized and up to date (keep in mind that your databases as a recruitment company are the best source of potential candidates you have).

Analyze where you get your best candidates

Source of candidates that we usually use, have to be well organized and structured, have to be always available so we can use correctly their content according to the situation.

Adopt methods and technology to make your job easier

There are tons of tools out there that can be useful to the recruitment process, besides outlook, and thunderbird for communication, you can use Google calendar, Trello, Asana or Restyaboard, to control your activities. They work as shared calendars, social media management tools and more.

Using Restyaboard

Possibly the best tool for organizing your activities would be Restyaboard since it allows you to keep a calendar.

But it also allows you to keep track of the recruitment process, and sharing this information with members of your team or even allowing visual interaction with your clients.

The best way to use Restyaboard to support your hiring process will be to use a new board for every position to be filled or alike, for an example, if you need a computer engineer specialized in software, there is your board’s name.

Now for the columns, you will want to have the parts of your process defined, not discarding completely every candidate unless necessary, and being well connected with your database information.

For this we will recommend the next column structure:

  • New candidates
  • Try to contact later
  • No response/decline
  • Not match after review
  • Candidates to reach out
  • Reach out in progress
  • Failed to reach out
  • Candidates for interview
  • Failed interview
  • Passed interview
  • Best ones

While using this structure, you will always know exactly in which stage a candidate is, and how was his/her development on the previous stages of the process.

Also, you will find that those who remain uncontracted after the process ends, will serve as a database to hire for future clients, and it should end up looking like this:

At last, we will recommend keeping in mind the next tips for your card structure in your cards.

  • Every card is a candidate, so try to add a picture of the person to the card so you can identify them better.
  • In the card information give it a rate of how it went during the last stage fo the process, constantly evaluating them will guarantee the best result possible at the end.
  • Keep dates and priorities visible.

Advantages of Restyaboard

Using Restyaboard will guarantee an easier job.


  • Can do what you do in Trello and Google Calendar in one place.
  • Can share information in real time with your team.
  • Will do desktop notifications when something moves on your boards.
  • Makes easier to track candidates when you need them later.
  • You can modify offline and it will update once you get connected again.