Nowadays companies have evolved in a way that most of their work stands more in the information process than the classic activities themselves, yet some basic departments like human resources, logistic and sales are still essential for anything to work properly.

The function of a sales department consists in engaging a series of process and activities that promote the client’s engagement in a service, or the customer purchase of a product.

This department competencies round from promoting, marketing and selling products to designing every tool or aspect needed to perform and improve the mentioned competencies.

Usually, the traditional sales department is focused only on the promotion and sale of the product, and this implies a series of protocols and processes to follow in order to have a successful development of its activities.

More specifically, when we speak about selling, is usual to have a counter on the team’s development and success.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to Manage Your Sales Department Counter with Restyaboard.


Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app based on the canvas model for organizing your process, it works by organizing activities in lists (More about that later), and you can use it to organize almost everything. This app also offers a calendar that can be used to keep track of your dates, deadlines, and events.

You can program Restyaboard to remind you of your of the event and sell deadlines too, so you can keep good track of your department development.


  • You can manage your board and calendar in one app.
  • If offline, you can make modifications and they will update once you get connected.
  • Shares information directly with your teamwork if you are not alone. .
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.

How to Use It?

Using Restyaboard to manage your sales department is easy, the system consists in the creation of as many boards as you want, that can be used to arrange activities, organize the process, lists of errands and almost any use you can think of when it comes to getting things done.

When using Restyaboard you will encounter two main elements:

The lists

Which are the columns in which you will organize your content, most of the time they represent parts of the process like the status in which the movable part of the process will be according to what you have done.

The cards

Cards are going to contain all information about the activity, or item that can move along the steps of your process (the lists). Cards can contain dates, tags, pictures, files and comments, so they have all you need to organize any sort of activity.

Now that you know the basics, we recommend you to create a board that contains the events, to-do tasks, and one column for each salesman in your department so that you can keep a good count of their numbers.

Creating the Board

As we stated before, when using Restyaboard to manage your sales department counter is recommended that your board contains two types of lists:


In this column, you will add a variety of cards that may contain any of the next:

Special sales

These cards may contain everything your sales team has to know about special sales or offers you are providing to your customers, you can use the comments to add the list of conditions for every offer. You should also create a tag for the offer, so when a salesman makes a point with this promo/offer it is identified in our second kind of column. And of course, add the respective event dates on your card, so all information is well distributed.

Special event preparations

Keep track of your team’s mobility when it comes to working in high movement dates, this way they will always be informed of what is coming towards them. You should put a date on these cards, but also is recommended to create a tag, so you can check your team sales corresponding to this special times when checking your board.

Sale counter closures

It is really important for the sales team to know how much time they have got to accomplish their weekly or monthly goals, so yes, this is where you can notify them and they will always see on their board about when they have to do those extra sales before losing up a bonus.


Create a card with the months per period; it may contain the goals in order for your team to see it.


In your incentive cards, your team will appreciate having a visible place in this app to know how much they have to sell to get a juicy bonus or a frying pan as an extra for their good job.


As we stated before, this part of your board is to clarify your internal events, yet not everything is about work, use these cards to spoil your team every once in a while, prepare meetings and remind their birthdays.


Here is our second kind of list, now as we said before, in the events column you have a lot of information about what goes on with your team, but now is time to know your team, you will create one list for each salesman in your department, in this column you will add every sales/he makes during the period so it can be evaluated at the end.

So as you might probably deduce, the cards this columns will contain, refer only to the sales made, you should tag them with the promotion or event tags that correspond to the date/offer used when selling, and of course the date of the sale itself.

When finished, your board should look like the example below (But, with more sales we hope):