Being organized about your life is quite important, and there are really a lot of things to have in mind every single day.

Between all that most people have on their backs, the job, family and tons of things to be worrying about, something that may unbalance us if we do not get it done on time is paying our bills, and financial stress is something you do not want in your life.

On this article, we will teach you how to deal with financial stress, and how to get your payments organized so you don’t ever get on that later than it should by using Restyaboard to pay your monthly bills.

The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone, tons of people worldwide live with the money in their heads, principally because they do not feel like they have enough income to do their living, just have to remember that stress is the response your body has to a constant feeling of insecurity or exposure to bad events in your life.

So the first thing we need to do in order to help you out is to calm yourself, so you can think better and find the easy solution to all your actual problems.

Is There a Solution?

Financial stress comes from different sources, but mainly it resumes in not having enough money to keep on your actual lifestyle.

So next we are going to recommend you a few tips to reduce your financial stress drastically.

  • Since stress is actually a physical reflection on your body, the best way to reduce it is by redirecting your thinking into a more secure environment, and yes, we are telling you to look the other way, try to avoid thinking about your needs all the time, instead, spare a moment in your day to make a list of all things that you do have and dispose of.
  • The main tool you will have to reduce stress is meditating, jus controls your breath and focuses on it, keep your mind clear for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day, it works better if you do it on the mornings. Meditating has proved to be a nice weapon against stress all around and any professional will also recommend it.
  • Also we will recommend changing your mind about money a little bit, most of the times, the perception we have about money is the main reason we do not have it, if you believe that money is bad, you will make yourself resistant to owning it, also if you believe that money is hard to get, it will eventually be hard to get for you. To do this, we recommend reading some financial development books; personally “A happy pocket full of money” helped me a lot.
  • Most people out there would probably tell you to reduce your expenses, and yes, that is a very valid solution in most cases but is neither the best one nor going to work in every case. So we will recommend you to focus on increasing yours, there is always something you love, that can make you some extra money on your free time.
  • Be organized about your bills, believe it or not, most people get back on their bills because they are not organized on how they used their money and not because they do not have it.

On this last point, we are going to help you out a little further by presenting you a nice tool to organize your payments.


Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app based on the canvas method for organizing the process, and yes, paying your bills is a process. It also offers a digital calendar to schedule your payments better.

This app will notify you when your payments are getting closer, and also you can create an organization, so if you are not alone, your partner or members of your family can help to remind you when something has to be done.

Using Restyaboard to pay your monthly bills is quite useful, but it still has its cons.


  • You can manage your board and use the calendar on the same app.
  • Shares all information on a real time if you have to.
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.
  • Allows doing offline modifications which will update once you have the internet again.

How Do I Use It?

Creating a board is easy, just open the app, go to the corner and create a new board. You have some templates available for use, still, now we are going to tell you how to organize the board for using Restyaboard to pay your bills.

First of all, Restyaboard works by dividing into columns that represent parts of the process; in this case, we are naming every column for a month (Let's create a board for this last trimester of the year).

In each column, you will insert cards, which can contain files, images, tags or dates. In this particular case, we are using only the tags and dates.

So once you fill your columns with your cards, they should look a little bit like this:

After you fill every month with your cards, you can file or delete them in order you get those bills paid, and now that your board is ready, all you have to do is be aware of it so you don’t forget or get all messed up with your payments.

Now that you know how to reduce your stress a little bit, and how to use Restyaboard to organize and pay your monthly bills, tell us how this work for you in the comments section below, we sincerely hope to be of help to you and will be waiting for you to share your experience.