Restya Core Features

Instant workflow with flexible templates

A Restya Core workflow is a bunch of statuses with flexible templates

Validation and Automation Rules

Admin can configure form validators on every workflow

Easy import option

You can import your data from various files


Availability of German, French, and other translations


Customizable workflows

Built-in workflows that you can create your own

Extensible architecture

Extensible and easy integrable option


Custom views, and a responsive layout for activity cards

BI Reports

Business intelligence reports give ability to interact with data.



Restya Core Advanced Search provides speed and ease of use.

Slack-like chat

Chatbots will only perform actions if it's been asked to by a user


Roles and Permissions include 100% configurable framework.

Night mode & themes

Dark Mode theme that changes the appearance of your app


Restya Board

Project and issue tracking

Restya Core

Enterprise agile planning

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