The best way to build internal tools without code

Restya Core is the most powerful no-code platform helping thousands of teams build workplace apps in minutes.

The no-code platform you'll enjoy using

Restya Core provides everything needed to create internal tools including dashboards, admin panels, approval apps, and anything in between. Transform data and processes into powerful internal tools in minutes.

Utilize your full-stack superpower

We anguish over the right abstractions so that your teams don't have to deal with ordinary code or spend weeks creating and building user interfaces. Restya Core enables your team to quickly create attractive, modern internal tools for your workplace in minutes.

Data, how you like it

Restya Core's built-in database allows you to connect to an external data source, import data, or start from scratch.

Design with confidence

Non-developers can create mission-critical applications using a straightforward and easy-to-use interface.

Automate everything

Restya Core automates manual operations and eliminates inefficient business functions.

Manage with ease

Automated email onboarding, global user management, granular permissions, and more are all available.

Build apps that people want to use

With automatic onboarding workflows, an attractive portal with accessible apps, SSO, and group managers, your peers will be praising you.

Build the tools you want
with the tools you enjoy

Bringing happiness to IT teams

We were frustrated as IT specialists when it came to developing internal tools. The process was complicated and time-consuming. That's why we created Restya Core, a low-code development platform that makes you happy, helps you ship faster, and adds real value to your business.


Restya Core is a self-host, therefore you can run Restya Core apps on your own servers.

Easily extendible

Reduce technological debt by easily extending Restya Core apps and the platform with code.

Best-in-class DX

Restya Core offers the best development experience with a constant focus on end-user performance.

Speed, speed

Restya Core improves development speed and app delivery times by up to 20 times.

Join our community

Join our community and help us change the way millions of developers, employees, and enterprises do business.

Speed-up development.
Operation improvements.
Boost your workforce's performance.

Faster development

Design, build and deliver internal tools more quickly.

Happier employees

Provide employees with the best tools for success.

Streamlined operations

With built-in automation, you can streamline operations.

Accelerate growth

Connect your data to identify opportunities for growth.

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