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Make the switch to Restya Core. For your growing software team, we provide more structure, alternatives, and visibility.

Why Look for an Alternative?

1. We find it difficult to keep individual scrum boards updated in projects when our stand-up is in the Kanban board.

2. A bit strange color scheme, a bit lost in editing issue texts. I feel more in control when I edit issues in

3. User interfaces are very complex and it is very hard to enroll with this. Need additional training provided to users to get started.

4. It's a little bit confusing working with different kinds of screens. There are some terms that users cannot understand easily until they figure them out.

5. It is a little bit expensive and you can create just 1 project for free, after that you need to pay.

6. Needs better mobile support and does not have time tracking and budget tracking features. Needs better sprint creation/edit too.

Switching to Restya Core is easy.

  • Automatic
  • Takes 60 seconds

Go beyond Restya Core with Alternative

Restya Core's no-code project management empowers your team to build, track, and collaborate on every type of project and database—all in one place.

  • Task management
  • Resource management
  • Team collaboration
  • Goals & real-time reporting

Why Choose Restya Core Over

Restya Core provides more than a to-do list and allows you to execute projects with an organized hierarchy and fully customizable features.

Multiple Assignees
LDAP login
Activities listing
Home screen
Time Tracking
Android Push notification
Multiple Logins
Zapier (IFTTT like workflow automation with 500+ websites)
Multiple Imports
FeaturesAny.DORestya Core
Multiple Assignees
LDAP login
Activities listing
Home screen
Time Tracking
Android Push notification
Multiple Logins
Zapier (IFTTT like workflow automation with 500+ websites)
Multiple Imports

Research shows that users who switch to Restya Core from experience:

  • Less feature bloat
  • Easier onboarding
  • Faster load times

Why Is Restya Core, The Best Alternative?

If you are looking for a versatile project management software that covers agile, classic, and hybrid project management with supporting features like budgeting, time tracking, meetings, forums, etc... You should try Restya Core. It can serve as an alternative to

Restya Core covers all features that offers. But in addition to this, Restya Core has a comprehensive feature set for agile, classic, and hybrid project management. Thus, it offers a much larger set of features. Its pricing is more flexible as also the Enterprise on-premises edition is available for smaller teams. And the Community edition comes for free and can be used by an unlimited number of users across unlimited projects. And of course, Restya Core is open-source, providing an API. Above all, Restya Core is committed to the highest data security standards.

Why Restya Core is the Best Alternative to


Can you view multiple projects at the same time in

In Restya Core, you can view all of your boards as projects, columns, and tasks - together in a single project view. When you drag and drop a task, we'll magically hide columns that don't matter.


Does offer something other than cards? does one thing incredibly well...but it's insufficient. With a load up, rundown, and time seep, Restya Core has various approaches to help your collaboration how every individual needs to. View all tasks across all projects in an unexpected way! Your group can work together, yet in the manner in which they need.


Do your columns turn crazy in Can you effectively discover things? requires steady management to prevent getting untidy and unorganized. Restya Core's construction requires no support.


Would you be able to track time with

Restya Core offers time tracking. lets your team record the time they spend working on tasks. Use also track the number of hours in your working day.


Managing your workflow

The core of is to move each card from one column to the next. But what if you need to view multiple projects or boards at once? Restya Core has the flexibility to view all columns in one place.


Import everything from, with one click

Keep all of your team's files and communication in one fully searchable place. Get rid of emails, cut down on meetings, and let your team enjoy working together.​​

Why choose Restya Core over lack feature parity for true all-in-one project management. Restya Core's tools complement every team, from marketers to software engineers.

Importing your data is as easy as 1-2-3

> Import your Board Exported File

> Map your data

> Sync your users

Restya core has the features you need

Easy Configuration

Spend a few minutes setting things up and we’ll get out of your way.

Simple workflow management

Workflows are linear and open. No need for complex transition rules.

Centralized collaboration

Everyone in your org can cross-functionally view info and progress.

Restya core is fast, powerful project management

Create customizable workflows in minutes.

Iterate features with Sprints.

Find just the things you care about. No coding is required.

Track an entire feature. Not just a single user story.

Uncover opportunities with Reports.

Ready to experience the simple, yet powerful alternative?

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