LinkedIn Sign-On for Restya Core

Process of verifying the user's identity and credentials. Provide a heightened level of security for all of your Restya Core data.

What is the main role of LinkedIn?

This procedure enables you to use your LinkedIn credentials to sign in to your site. LinkedIn OAuth requires having a LinkedIn account. Obtaining one is outside of the scope of this article. You must have SSL set up to use LinkedIn authentication for Telligent Community Server.

Authentication Through a LinkedIn

One of the log in options for Restya core uses the LinkedIn OAuth2 flow to identify the end-user through their LinkedIn account.
When a client redeems a refresh token through Restya core, Restya core will re-query LinkedIn to update user information in the ID Token. To do this, Restya core stores a read-only LinkedIn access token in its backing datastore. Users that reject Restya core’s access through LinkedIn will also revoke all Restya core clients which authenticated them through LinkedIn.

OpenID Connect Authentication For Your Projects

Access Restya Core securely, in an instant.

Sign up and log into Restya Core with your LinkedIn account to save you time and provide peace of mind.

Monitor which teammates use LinkedIn.

Admins can easily see who on their team has linked their LinkedIn account to Restya Core.

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