BI Reports

Become more efficient by creating a data-driven culture with Restya Core BI(Business Intelligence) Reports, the feature that allows you to filter, combine and analyze your Restya Core data in a hassle-free way.

Business Intelligence Reports

We use reporting to tell us what happened. We run reports of how many people joined our organization, how much revenue our event brought in, etc. But this only tells us what happened.

Business Intelligence Reports is the next iteration of data, which tells the how and the why. With this powerful information at your fingertips, you can then make decisions that will shape future outcomes. No, there’s no crystal ball or soothsayer involved. Business Intelligence accesses data both internally to your organization and externally to help you take the best course of action.

Why Business Intelligence Reports​ better than Normal Reports?

The fundamental difference between these two analyses is that while reporting will present you with data, Business Intelligence reports give you the ability to interact with that data. These insights support decisions and strategies that shape the future performance of your organization.

To put it simply, BI's purpose is to empower your business with agility and flexibility. It offers solutions to pertinent questions and challenges, such as:

Who or what are our best customers, workflows, or projects?
Which customers will likely be early adopters of our new project?
When is the best time to reach out to past customers?
How can we keep more customers?

By being able to combine various data sources in novel ways, you get actionable and meaningful reports to improve your business. This makes BI Reports more ideal for management and business owners, who can transform their new insights into business opportunities that are worth pursuing.

Don’t get left behind. Without Business Intelligence, any organization will have an incredibly difficult time spotting trends, predicting future outcomes, and capitalizing on opportunities to succeed

It’s important to clarify upfront that the “vs.” in “business intelligence vs. normal” is a bit misleading. Both are paramount to business operations and both are required for an enterprise to function, thrive, and compete.

> Normal Reporting is about the past and current status.

> Business intelligence (BI) is about the past: what happened and insight to change or improve it.

Improve your team’s productivity

Restya Core BI Reports allow you to download weekly productivity reports, filtering data such as the tasks each team member finished during the current week. You can create formulas to calculate minimum, maximum, or average values of number type fields, such as deal value on your sales pipeline.

We uncover the efficiency of your workflow

Nave helps you increase your performance, identify problems with ease, and focus on improving workflow efficiency. Our dashboards reveal the fundamental characteristics of your Kanban process. We have enhanced the industry-standard analytical charts for Kanban to help you reach your full potential!

Increase your performance. Identify problems with ease. Focus on improving workflow efficiency.

Workload Pie Chart

Showing amount of work of all the tasks for a projects

Pie Chart Report

Showing all the Reporters, Statuses, Assignees, Components, Milestones for a projects

User Workload Report

Showing amount of work an individual has to do of all the tasks for a projects​

Created vs Resolved

Map, manage, track, and talk about your team’s projects in Restya Core to go beyond planning and get results.

Single Level Group

Monitor work in a continuous flow for agile teams. Suits teams who control work volume from a backlog.

Time Since Tasks

Track activities and tasks for recurring processes. Suitable for processes that have defined steps

Average Age

Track how much time you spent working on your tasks.

Milestone Workload

Any team can track progress, identify blockers, and collaborate on projects across the company.

Resolution Time Report

Monitor candidates from application to offer. Suits teams that frequently hire new people

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Evaluate process efficiency and identify problem areas.

Flow Efficiency Chart

Track how much time you spent working on your tasks.

Time Tracking Report

Create tasks with due dates, set reminders, and organize them into lists to prioritize and organize your work.

How Restya Core reports can fuel your team

Understand how much time your team spend processing requests

Understand the efficiency of your onboarding process

Improve your processes and create a customer-centric operation

Improve your processes to create an error-proof operation

Create reports of your team’s internal and external activities

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