Flow Efficiency BI Chart

This chart will automatically gather data from every card that passed through your Kanban board during the time frame of your choice to accumulate the overall flow efficiency for the period. ​

What do you mean by Flow Efficiency BI Chart?

The Flow efficiency Business Intelligence chart shows you what percentage of the time your team was actively working on versus how much time the work items were waiting.

Business Intelligence accesses data both internally to your organization and externally to help you take the best course of action.

Let us understand how to use it in Restya Core.

The Flow Efficiency BI Chart for Restya Core visualizes the flow efficiency of your finished problems for the chosen time period. The horizontal axis shows waft performance percentage, even as the vertical axis indicates the range of your finished problems.

Analyze Your Flow Efficiency

The Flow Efficiency BI Chart shows the flow efficiency of your completed tasks for the selected time period, with flow efficiency percentage on the horizontal axis and the number of work items on the vertical axis.

Identify the Tasks with the Longest Waiting Times

By clicking over the bars, you will be able to see more task details such as the flow efficiency of the tasks, a direct link to the cards in your management platform, and the cycle time breakdown of the time your work spent waiting.

Monitor How Your Flow Efficiency Trends Build Over Time

The ‘Average Flow Efficiency’ widget on the top of the graph shows the average flow efficiency percentage of your workflow, as well as how trends have been moving over time. Ideally, the line should stay even or slightly increase.

How to Generate a Flow Efficiency​ BI Report

Step 1

Go to BI Reports → click on Flow Efficiency Chart as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2

Analyze it from within Restya Core, or even export the data in a different format like JSON, CSV, and Xlsx. This way, you start using your processes’ information in your favor and in a smarter way.

Business intelligence was made easier with Restya Core BI reports.

Identify trends and work smarter, with out-of-the-box reports for task/issue analysis and forecasting in Restya Core Software.

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