Time Tracking BI Report

Shows valuable time tracking data on tasks for a specific milestone of a project.

What do you mean by Time Tracking?

Time tracking allows you to keep track of the hours spent on individual tasks and the project as a whole. Time tracking within project management software should allow your team members to add time entries to tasks easily.

Let us understand how to use it in Restya Core.

The Time Tracking Business Intelligence report shows unique and current time gauges for every one of the tasks, and whether they are in front of or behind the original schedule. (Note: this report is just accessible if time tracking is enabled on the workflow).

Business Intelligence accesses data both internally to your organization and externally to help you take the best course of action.

Evaluate the Current State of Your Work

In the Time Tracking BI report, each colored area represents a time tracking of each task. The dotted color shows the time tacking details of each task. It helps them increase the productivity and performance of the organization.

Identify the Tasks

Viewing the chart — The green portion of the bar shows the Original Estimation, The pink portion shows Time remaining for each task and The yellow portion shows time completed for each task
Original Estimate - The original estimate of the total amount of time it would take to complete this task.
Estimated Time Remaining - The current estimate of the remaining amount of time it would take to complete this task.
Time Spent - The amount of time spent on the task. This is the aggregate amount of time that has been logged against this task.

Why Is Time Tracking Required?

1. It helps in reaching realistic estimates.

2. With the help of time tracking, tasks can be compared with similar ones completed in the past (historical data). This, in turn, will allow calculating more realistic deadlines.

3. Most importantly, time tracking can be automated fully (using apps, etc.), and this allows the users to get on with their work without any interruption of manual input.

4. Provides data on time spent on each issue and the project.

5. Real-time reporting allows for better work allocation and assessment.

6. Timesheets can be generated, and that in turn, can be used to generate customer invoices facilitating the payment process.

How to Generate a Time Tracking BI Report

Step 1

Go to BI Reports →click on Time Tracking Report as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2

To refine the data shown in the report, click Refine report, and select the desired filters.

Step 3

Analyze it from within Restya Core, or even export the data in a different format like JSON, CSV, and Xlsx. This way, you start using your processes’ information in your favor and in a smarter way.

Business intelligence is made easier with Restya Core reports.

Identify trends and work smarter, with out-of-the-box reports for task/issue analysis and forecasting in Restya Core Software.

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