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Easy, effective, and reliable video solutions for any meeting space.

The modern workplace is all about collaboration. Logitech advanced video conferencing solutions let your teams talk, share files and screens, and whiteboard ideas. Make your meetings seamless, productive, and fun. We used the most popular video conferencing platforms: Jitsi Meet. Our integrated solutions help keep your hard-working teams connected.

It provides a wonderful option to the users for collaboration in our Restya Core, It provides state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities that are secure, easy to use, and easy to self-host. Video Conference Chatbot makes use of Jitsi to achieve the requirements of the users.

What is a Video conference?

Video conference is a type of online meeting where two or more people engage in a live audio-visual call. With a strong internet connection, the participants can see, hear, and talk to each other in real time, no matter where in the world they are.

Video Conference + Restya Core

Restya Core provides a secure connection between the teams by a single click within the site. This chatbot increases security and collaboration between the teams and projects. Everyone can join us. For better hybrid meetings and an immersive conferencing experience, a video Conference chatbot has just what your business needs. Connectivity is at the heart of modern business. With wireless conferencing technology from Restya Core team members in the chat can link up and share content with remote meeting participants in a matter of seconds.

How to use a chatbot in Restya Core

Step 1

Choose the Video Conference option in the chat panel.

Step 2

Click the send icon to initiate the video conference chat bot.

Step 3

The user needs to click the "click the Join" link to start the video conference as in the below snapshot.

With our video conference chatbot collaboration tools, you can ‘bring your own meeting’ from anywhere. You can connect and start to collaborate with remote colleagues and virtual attendees with a minimum of fuss. You give hybrid collaboration solutions in your Restya Core Workplace.

Benefits of Video Conference Chatbot

YouTube sharing allows playing video from YouTube to all the users.

Allows to stream audio and video via YouTube

Provides an ability to record meetings as mp4 video files

Allows playing video from YouTube to all the meeting users.

Detects the speaker's body and displays it with no distortion but blurs the background surrounding it.

The above-hidden features are achieved through the chatbots in our Restya Core. Unlike a traditional conference system, a videoconference in any meeting space with a video Conference is simple, easy.

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