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Import From Jira

Importing from Jira

Okay to start this off - I'm not even going to pretend like this is simple. I mean it is JIRA, right?, Kindly follow the below steps to import data from the Jira

The one click importer will help you move your projects out of Jira and into Restya Core, so you can get started right away. After it’s imported, you’ll see all your Jira issues as trackable items with assignees, due dates, statuses, and even comments right where they belong.

Switching to Restya Core over Jira lets you work with your squad members without bringing you or your team down with complexity or clutter.

How to start an Import from Jira

  • Select Projects > Add project .
  • Select Import section
  • Click the Jira radio button
  • Select from Jira exported data file.

After selecting the Jira json file, Restya Core import your Jira data, you'll be presented with three steps.

Step 1: Choose Workflow to Import

After selecting the Jira file, its move to the next step of choosing the workflow

  • Select the workflow from the select box, Restya Core provides autocomplete with a search option for the user to find the accurate workflow.


Step 2: Mapping Tasks

On the left side, you'll see all projects from Jira.


On the right side is how you're mapping into Restya Core.

You can import:

  • users

  • assignees

  • attachments

  • followers

  • date created

  • subtasks

  • comments

  • description

  • name

  • status

  • tags

  • priority

  • time estimate

  • time spent

  • due date

  • task ID

It's Important to note here that all "Time Spent" in JIRA will import into Restya Core only choosen workflow having time tracking option, and association with other users in JIRA will be lost after the import is completed. To mitigate this issue, we recommend making a note on each task being imported of who tracked time on the task and how much, for future reference!

Jira users to Restya Core users in order to preserve assignees, history, and task activity. Automatically Restya Core import all the Jira users will be imported.

This option allows you to import all tasks into Restya Core. Generally, Importing all of your tasks - you can reference all past history and attachments in Restya Core. Most people do want to import attachments from Jira. So, Restya core import all the attachments, Unfortunately, Jira does not provide a way to calculate how much data is in your attachments, so you'll only know after the import has been completed.

Step 3: Import Jira Project

After mapping the Tasks, Click on the import button, We'll send you an email as soon as your Jira import is done. You will see the imported project on the Restya Core workspace after got the mail.

  • Select Projects from the left sidebar.
  • Imported projects listed on the projects page
  • Click on the board view to see the overall tasks, users, and other imported data.

This option is recommended for all related projects of Jira from Restya Core.

We recommend importing related projects into the same Space in Restya Core. This keeps your workflows organized and easy to navigate.

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