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Import From GitHub && GitLab

Importing from GitHub && GitLab

The new option to import data from GitHub lets you migrate data from a GitHub project including issues, comments, and users.

What amount of time does an import require?

Starting the import process generally takes 2 to 10 minutes. After you've confirmed the import, the actual importing time can vary between 1 minute to a few hours. This is entirely based on how much data you have in GitHub as well as GitHub && GitLab's rate limits.

Since GitHub && GitLab does rate limit the import, we have to throttle the speed to ensure we don't hit the rate limit, which is why it can take up to a few hours (or more) if you have lots of attachments.

We'll send you an email as soon as your import is done.

Then, import your GitHub && GitLab projects into the Restya Core projects workspace you already created.

How to start an Import from GitHub && GitLab

  • Select Projects > Add project .
  • Select Import section
  • Click the GitHub or GitLab radio button
  • Select from GitHub && GitLab exported data file.

After selecting the GitHub && GitLab json file, Restya Core import your GitHub && GitLab data, you'll be presented with three steps.

Step 1: Choose Workflow to Import

After selecting the GitHub && GitLab file, its move to the next step of choosing the workflow

  • Select the workflow from the select box, Restya Core provides autocomplete with a search option for the user to find the accurate workflow.


Step 2: Mapping Tasks

On the left side, you'll see all projects from GitHub && GitLab.


On the right side is how you're mapping into Restya Core.

You can import:

  • Users

  • assignees

  • attachments

  • followers

  • date created

  • subtasks

  • comments

  • description

  • name,

  • status

  • tags

  • priority

  • due date

  • custom fields

  • attachments

GitHub && GitLab users to Restya Core users in order to preserve assignees, history, and task activity. Automatically Restya Core import all the GitHub && GitLab users will be imported.

This option allows you to import all tasks into Restya Core. Generally, Importing all of your tasks - you can reference all past history and attachments in Restya Core. Most people do want to import attachments from GitHub && GitLab. So, Restya core import all the attachments, Unfortunately, GitHub && GitLab does not provide a way to calculate how much data is in your attachments, so you'll only know after the import has been completed.

Step 3: Import GitHub && GitLab Project

After mapping the Tasks, Click on the import button, We'll send you an email as soon as your GitHub && GitLab import is done. You will see the imported project on the Restya Core workspace after got the mail.

  • Select Projects from the left sidebar.
  • Imported projects listed on the projects page
  • Click on the board view to see the overall tasks, users, and other imported data.

We recommend importing related projects into the same Space in Restya Core. This keeps your workflows organized and easy to navigate.

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