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Restya Core is an incorporated, profoundly project management system. All projects are signed into a central database and every one goes through various workflows (measures). workflows control the situation with the project just as the standards by which it transitions to other statuses.

What is a Project?

Projects are how you organize and plan all of the tasks related to a specific initiative, goal, or big piece of work.

A Restya Core project is an assortment of tasks, and is characterized by your organisation's necessities. For instance, a Restya Core undertaking could be a:

  • product advancement project

  • showcasing effort

  • helpdesk framework

  • leave demand the executives framework

  • site upgrade demand framework

In restya Core, Each project has additional fields of component and milestone, its used for categorizing the tasks in the Restya Core

What is a component?

A project component is a logical grouping of tasks inside a project. Each project may comprise of different components (or none), contingent upon your organisation's requirements.

For instance, a product improvement project could consist of components called 'Documentation', 'Backend', 'Email Subsystem', 'GUI'. A site upgrade demand framework may consist of components called 'Items', 'Reach Us', and so on:

What is a milestone?

A milestone is a specific point within a project's life cycle used to measure the progress toward the ultimate goal. ... A milestone is a reference point that marks a significant event or a branching decision point within a project.

Do I need milestones in Restya Core?

Check yourself for these:

  • Do you consider yourself ‘a project manager’? If so, you might need milestones.
  • Do you manage a team of three or more? Again, if ‘yes’, try milestones.
  • Do you have ‘a demanding boss’? Milestones are all about staying on schedule.

Project Visibility

Restya Core Provides an extraordinary feature for the project-wise to collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks using Visibility options.

Admin or Manager can set the project's visibility by clicking the project's current visibility setting, in projects (or) While creating a project.

Visibility options included in the Restya Core :

  • Public
  • Private
  • Internal


A public board is visible to anyone on the Restya Core and will show up in search.But any person with the link can view it, even if they don't have a Restya Core account.

This project is called an open project, it can available by every one of the users in the Restya Core, One of the benefits was Before login additionally users can get to the project view page like kanban, list calendar, timeline, and task view page. In any case, Before login users activities will peruse just which implies it's just the view accessible. Unfit to play out any activities like an update. erase and add.


When a project is private, only those users added as members to the project can view or edit it based on the project roles and it can accessible by the users after the login, they must have Restya Core account.


These projects are same as like as public projects But slightly restricted. that means these project only accessible after the login and Uutsider Role user's cannot access the projects until they become the member of the projects

Manage the Project Roles for Visiblity:

  • Public and Internal projects can accessibly by all the users In the Reporter Project Role Access Only. But If user became a member of the public (or) internal projects then, the Role was changed to that client which picked while adding to that project.

  • Private projects can accessibly only by a member of the projects and permission access given based on the project roles picked while adding to that project.

Project visibility ensures all relevant stakeholders have a clear picture of the project performance, including potential risks, distribution of responsibilities, and the overall project goals.

Types of projects manage in Restya Core

A project type is a project classification defined during implementation that specifies essential project attributes. User can classify based on below

  • Business
  • ServiceDesk
  • Software

All th projects comes under the above 3 types.

Create a Restya Core project

You can plan and manage almost any project or process in Restya Core.

Restya Core accompanies various project templates made to suit your team's necessities and work process. For instance, you can make projects advanced for following basic,sales, HR or other business teams.

By default Admin (or) Manager Role user's allow to create a project in the Restya Core

To create a project:

  • Select Projects > Create project .
  • Give your project a name and description, Here desciption was an Optional. picture
  • We automatically generate a project key when the project name is given. Whoever If want to change, edit and change it.
  • Need to select the visibility and type of the projects
  • Learn more about the available workflows, Before selecting the workflow type and workflow for the projects.
  • Under Workflow Type, select type of workflow wants for the new project, whether Adhoc (or) Defined, Learn more about type of workflow.
  • select a workflows..
  • You can select the clone workflow for this project options, If you plan to modify workflow in future, but only specific to this project.
  • Select submit.

Note: User, who created the project will automatically be added as a project member to the project in the Project role of Maintainer.

Video tutorial for how to add a project on defined workflow

How to add a project on defined workflow on Restya Core

Video tutorial for how to add a project on adhoc workflow and customize

How to add a project on adhoc workflow and customize on Restya Core

Collaboration with Teams

While creating a project, Restya core provide the options to choose the team, team SelectBox will contain a list of the existing teams you can access.


After clicking the submit of the project create, Core will import the members with the project Roles as project members, which available in the selected team to the new project, it will lead to saving time and they can be reused as much as possible.

Add users to your project

As a project admin, you can add teams or people to different roles in your task. roles are project-explicit, so adding a team or individual user will just influence your project. You can likewise utilize similar interaction to eliminate access from teams or users. Note that you can just add existing teams and users, and you should be a Restya Core admin to make the teams or users.

Add a user to a project

In this step, you'll add one of your users (John) to the Maintainer role, so he can help deal with your project. You should be a project maintainer to play out these steps.

If you're not already in your project, select the Projects from the sidebar.

  • From your project's sidebar, select People, its take you to people manage page of the project picture
  • Search for John in the people search bar and choose the role below as "maintainer" role and select Add a project picture picture picture John will now have maintainer access to your project. You can use the same process to add other users to the different roles. If you'd like to give users restricted access to your project also by choosing RestrictedGuest,RestrictedReporter and RestrictedHelper project roles.

  • You can also add multiple people for the role, and delete those you have accidentally added in this dialog. picture

Video tutorial for how to add project members

How to add project members on Restya Core

Manage project access to the existing project users

You may need to change an existing user access to an project, or remove access to an project. Restya Core provides an easy and simplest way for the users to handle the project access.

  • From your project's sidebar, select People, its take you to people manage page of the project
  • A project Admin can change the existing user of project access as an inline update by choosing the proper role access from the select box, which is shown below.

picture - Also, Remove the project access, by removing the user's from the project. picture

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