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People have voyaged, worked, and lived respectively for centuries. From mountain man days to the present, our endurance is dependent on coming together as a team.

The facts demonstrate that we frequently accomplish our best work with others (with the exception of possibly that one gathering project from school).

So with regards to really working with your team, having a coordinated, shared space is critical. You likewise need something beyond another instrument to coordinate your work: It needs to incorporate basically everything you do, together.

Teams in Restya Core is that precise space and tool you and your work team need to oversee projects, achieve objectives, and move every one of those tasks to 'Done' before the week after week organization party time. picture

What is a team?

Teams are subsets of individuals in your Organization who collaborate on projects with one another. Each team has its own Members and project roles, and permissions.

Is it true that you are burnt out on having to independently relegate tasks to numerous individuals? Or then again perhaps you're uncertain of who to relegate tasks to?

With Teams, you can create groups of people that you can assign to tasks, mention in comments, and even add in bulk.


For example, you could make a "Sales" team, and in case you're uncertain of which individual to assign a new Sales task to, you can allocate it to the entire team and sort it out later!

Manage your teams

A Restya Core team is an advantageous method to deal with an collection of users. You can utilize teams all through Restya Core to:

  • Permit application access.
  • Award worldwide permissions or project explicit access.
  • Get email notifications.
  • Access tasks, projects and dashboards.
  • Coordinate with project roles.

Limitless Plan Workspaces can make one team. Business+ plans can make limitless teams.

Restya Core brings users, merchants, and accomplices onto a similar stage as your interior team, making it simple to work together and track an interaction beginning to end. Exchange tumultuous plans for the day and email strings for spotless, repeatable work processes.

Its purpose is to easily add multiple users to a project with permissions.

Teams in the RestyaCore

If you're a admin of the Restya Core, you will find a list of existing teams, which created. As a member, you will see lists of teams in the sidebar. picture

If you do not see teams in the Restya Core, that means you need to create your own teams. Learn how to create an teams.

How to create a Team

Note: Only Admins can create Teams and add/remove members with proper Project roles.

Create a new team to begin collaborating with your colleagues in an Organization. You can do this in two ways

  • Create a new team from existing projects.


  • You can add a Team Name ,description and Members with project Roles of your team.

Video tutorial for how to create team

How to create team on Restya Core

Steps to Create:

  1. Choose > Permission.

picture 2. Under Roles & Permission, click the Teams link. It displays, which contains a list of all the existing teams in your Restya Core site picture 3. The teams Browser displays, Click Add Team picture 4. Create a team

  • Name your Team, then Add members with project role, including guests, to the Team.


  • Restya core provides an additional option to create a team from an existing project, Choose the project and name for the team.



From the chosen project, Restya Core gathers the users with project role (even extraordinary user with various role) and structure another team. This option will save the time of organization.

Involved in multiple teams? No worries! There's no limit to how many Teams you can be added to.

Video tutorial for how to create a team from project

How to create a team from project on Restya Core

Join & Update a Team

You can join a team by simply using the search bar. You can search for other users and add them with Project role.

In Restya Core, you can change the existing user Project role based on the project.

Steps to Join & update:

  1. Choose > Permission.

  2. Under Roles & Permission, click the Teams link. It displays, which contains a list of all the existing teams in your Restya Core site

  3. The teams Browser displays, Click People link of team want to join (or) update

picture 4. Join a new user to an existing team by searching the user in the people search bar with the following role permission. In Case, wants to update the role for the particular existing member in a team, You change the role in the inline shown below, want to delete the member from the team? You did through the delete link shown in the snapshot


Where to use Teams

You can use Teams, While creating the project in our Restya Core.

If you are an Admin (or) Manager Role access in a RestyaCore, then can create projects. While creating a project, options to choose the team, team Selectbox will contain a list of the teams you can access.


Import the members with the project Roles of the team as project members to the new project, it will lead to saving time and they can be reused as much as possible.

All Restya Core projects are housed in teams. A Restya Core team resembles an advanced office: it's the place where cooperation is going on continuously, regardless of where your teammates are found.

A team in RestyaCore carries association and control to your projects. All projects you make will live inside a team. This makes adding teammates to new projects simple and consistent.

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