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Views & Utilization


Give work another look with Restya Core views.

See your projects from each point with Board, Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, and Map views that will carry a new viewpoint to the main task.


Restya Core is adding the ability to switch between list and boards projects, so you can seamlessly switch between all views.

Let’s take a look at the views you have available and how you and your team can use them effectively to deliver awesome work on time and budget.

Views for creating and managing projects

  • Timeline view
  • List view
  • Calendar view

Views for getting work done

  • Kanban view
  • My Tasks view

Switching to view

Switching views is super easy. Open a Restya Core, click on the view name you have active (in the upper right corner of the screen). Click on the name of the view you want to switch to, and you're done!

Restya Core offers you the possibility of viewing all the tasks (or) project-wise tasks in the above views.

  • Switch the different views with all the tasks(Contain all tasks of all the accessible projects) to manage overall in a single place. picture

  • Switch the different views with Particular project tasks (Contain all tasks of single projects) to track and manage the tasks project-wise. picture

The current view used in a Restya Core will be automatically selected as the standard in the upper right corner of the screen.

Timeline view

The Timeline View gives you a visual representation of the timelines of events of all your progressing projects. It permits you to find in a look exactly how long you and your team need to finish an task or project and to design appropriately. This view cooperates with the Timeline Column to give you a visual outline of all your significant dates and cutoff times!

How it works

Every project runs on a schedule, whether you do work in sprints or use a waterfall approach to knock out tasks. The Timeline enables you to map out a project plan and adjust tasks and timing quickly with drag and drop scheduling.Once the task has a due date, it will appear on your Timeline.. picture The Timeline View permits you to see the entirety of your tasks together in one view!

The Timeline View is truly extraordinary to utilize when you have projects or tasks that range over several days. It permits you to get a visual portrayal of your projects, so you can see who is dealing with what, and when it's required to be finished. It's like the Gantt chart, yet more outwardly engaging!

Track views

It best way to see your project’s or task's big picture at a glance. The data you'll see on your screen will be the exact same, just formatted differently to manage the project much easier.

  • Tasks Timeline View

  • People Timeline View

Tasks Timeline View

The Timeline view of tasks in a Task Board (or a kanban board) is important in planning resources and a project's phases. It help to estimage how much time each step will take to build out in timeline


People Timeline View -

Helps to estimate the time of the tasks by user-based. In this view, an option to track Manage team workloads and map of team’s workload.


View by day, week, month, or year

You can choose to view the tasks in Timeline View by days, weeks, months, or years! Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of screen to select a time scale. If you get lost, you can always click the 'Month' button to bring you back to current month's date on the view! picture

Update tasks directly from the Timeline View

All you have to do is click any of the bars in the Timeline View to open up the task's card. From here, you can make any changes and updates without having to go back and forth to Board View!

Need to move the dates of tasks on timeline? That is simple! You can choose the tasks you need drag the tasks in timelines by however many days you need and Click on the left (or) right corner of the bar to extend the start (or) due date of the tasks. picture

Create a new task on Timeline

To create a new task from Timeline, you can click the directly add Tasks button on Timeline, it will open the task add view popup and type in the name of task following with status, Due Date, and Start Date. You can then click on the submit, and the task will appear directly on Timeline.


Video tutorial for how to add the tasks on calendar and timeline view

How to add the tasks on calendar and timeline view on Restya Core

Subtasks on Timeline

You can also view the subtasks on a particular task directly from Timeline.

Dependencies on Timeline

You can set dependencies directly on Timeline by clicking the connector icon that appears when hovering over a task and then dragging to another task.

To draw dependencies on Timeline:

  • Click on the connector icon when hovering over a task.
  • Drag the connector over to the task you wish to mark as Dependent On.


Colors on Timeline

Restya Core sets the color logic based on the due date in the timeline. It simple and easier to track the tasks, Without seeing the detailed information of the tasks, Currently Restya core handles three colors to differentiate the tasks

  • picture - helps to inform you that the tasks are started, But not reached the due date. Another way to be called is by doing tasks by the team.
  • picture - start date and due date exceeded, it helps us the team to check the task status easily and expand it if necessary by the team.
  • picture - it used to differentiate the upcoming tasks, Till the task start Date and Due date not started.

Keep steady over each run and remain focused of each objective with Timeline. Use Timeline to perceive how the entirety of the moving parts piece together over time and drag and drop dates to make adjustments on the fly. Rapidly get a brief look at what's descending the pipeline and distinguish any holes that may obstruct your group's advancement.

Calendar view

So you have this extraordinary board that includes all that you're working on. It's intensive, coordinated, and definite, yet you wind up getting a little overpowered filtering and reviewing everything every day. Extraordinary news - presently you don't need to! We've made a board see that will separate your board and show your things by date - the Calendar View!


The calendar board view allows you to visualize all your tasks that have a date/timeline column in a calendar. Once the task has a due date, it will appear on your Calendar.

Month, Week, or Day Tabs

You can view the items in your Calendar View by month, week, or day. In the screenshot below, I'm viewing the 'Month' tab in my calendar so that I can see what items I have to complete throughout the month ahead!

Use the arrows to jump to the next or previous month, week, or day (depending on which tab you're viewing!). If you get lost, you can always click the 'Today' button to bring you back to today's date on the calendar!


Create tasks in Calendar

To create a task in a Calendar, Click and Drag in the space from the start date to the due date. Once drag ends, Add a task pop up with the chosen date, enter the task name, and hit Submit.


Once the task has been created, you can then double click on it directly to access the task details screen to add an assignee, fill out the fields, add a task description etc. and then click away from the pop up or click the X on the top right to finish.

Scheduling tasks on Calendar

Move tasks from Unscheduled Tasks and onto the Calendar, you can drag the task from the unscheduled bucket onto the correct dates on your Calendar,


Once the due date setted for the task, then double click on it directly to access the task details screen to add additional details for the tasks.

Subtasks on Timeline

You can also view the subtasks on a particular task directly from Calendar.

Change due date using drag & drop

Click and hold the task on your Calendar and move it to the new due date.


Colors on Calendar

Your calendar automatically color codes the events according to which group they come from. picture

  • picture - assists with inform you that the tasks are begun, But not arrived at the due date. Another approach to be called is by finishing tasks by the team..

  • picture - start date and due date exceeded, it helps us the team to check the task status effectively and extend it if important by the team.

  • picture - it used to separate the forthcoming tasks, Till the task start Date and Due date not began.

Start every day with no curveballs. Regardless of whether booking a quarterly article calendar or keeping steady over your tasks, Calendar resembles a gem ball giving you a reasonable vision of what work lies ahead. Additionally, the Calendar can be synced up with the team to help keep up the ideal harmony between serious and fun activities.

List view

The list view see essentially takes the entirety of the data that is contained and shown in the Kanban see and rearranges those tasks into a nitty gritty stacked list of data. picture This view is for those pipes that have a large number of tasks allowing for more information displayed in a single screen.

Restya Core provides a variety of ways of how you sort and filter your list of tasks. Some people like to set the order manually, while others want tasks to be automatically sorted by a characteristic like name or due date.

Filter or sort your tasks

We've provided you with the most common views below, be that as it may, you can alter and filter the view to get your list, exactly the way in which you need it. picture

Utilizing search alternatives on the top, Every Data can be separated, track down a accurate one, which client needs.

Update tasks in List View

Restya Core provides the Inline-Editable option for the tasks in the list view. Instead of visiting the task view page, it easier for the user to switch statuses and some basic information of task in the list view itself. picture

Bulk action in List View

Eventually, you may have to change numerous multiple simultaneously. You can do this by playing out a bulk operation. Bulk operation available only on the project-wise list view. Using Bulk action User can

  • Assign the bulk of tasks to the user.
  • Add labels to the bulk of tasks.
  • Assign the milestone to the tasks in bulk based on the workflow of the project. picture

Dial in on the entirety of the work that is occurring across your groupteamwith the team Table view. Add, sort, and filter cards from project boards inside Table to see precisely what you need to see, regardless of whether that is the situation with all inclusive projects and destinations, or workloads that length different activities.

Kanban view

Kanban is a Lean methodology tool that permits you to plainly visualize your workflow, where you are and where you should head.

This view allows you to turn your board's information into a Kanban view

The tasks are work items that move laterally through phases, each with their own requirements and actions. The Kanban method excels in visualizing work, standardizing processes, limiting work in progress, identifying bottlenecks and enabling fast and easy improvements to any process.

Restya Core are intended to give you a simple and clear approach to visualize work. You get a preview of project progress, including what work is yet to be begun, what's in progress, and what is finished.


Create tasks

Add tasks to your status using the + Create task button. You can click to expand tasks within a section for more details.


Drag and drop

You can drag and drop tasks and status to reorganize your work or move it through stages. Project members can rearrange tasks as needed, and collaborators will get updates when tasks move sections so all members stay on the same page.

There's a direct correlation between your project's workflow and the status order on your board.


While dragging task for transition, red border and green border Will display for remaining statuses, it indicates workflow process, In Current workflow satisfy the flow "Todo->Doing->Done", unable to move the task directly from the "Todo -> Done" its shows red border, only able to move the task from "Todo -> Doing", so its shows green to proceed. Learn more about the workflows to increase the productivity and efficiency of the project flow.

For instance, you have customize a workflow for a certain task type and you have multiple workflows in Restya Core.

Extra Views in Kanban

Restya Core provides an additional option to switch between different views of kanban beyond the expectation apart from the status. We have

  • Assignees Kanban View
  • Labels Kanban View
  • Milestones Kanban View (It appears based on the workflow)

Assignees Kanban View

Designed to give you an easy and clear way to visualize work based on the users. It also helps to track the workload of the individual users.

By using the simplest view of kanban, can assign (or) unassign the task to the user's by Drag and Drop without opening the detailed view of the task.


Labels Kanban View

A label is a method of classifying a task by type, represented by a color and term. You can choose to add label names if you wish. A single task can have multiple labels. Colored labels will display on the front and back of a card based on the worflows Kanban ui.

This views help to add and remove existing labels to the task by Drag and Drop without opening the detailed view to add the labels in the task.

For example, If the User wants to remove the particular label from the task, then Drag the task from that label and drop it into the unassigned. It will remove the particular label from that task


Milestones Kanban View

The milestone helps you to monitor the progress of a tasks and estimate the most likely delivery date based on your team’s historical velocity. It takes all the tasks that are in status that are mapped either to Not started or In progress, and assumes that to be your backlog

They're great for indicating a project kickoff or important deadline.

which helps to keep focus over specific periods along a project timeline and they are crucial one for the project success as result.Add and remove milestone to the task by Drag and Drop without opening the detailed view of the task.


Any place you are on the world, utilize Restya Core's Map view to show area put together information in setting with respect to an intuitive guide. Regardless of whether following land properties, planning an occasion, or putting together work in the field, Map will ensure your team doesn't lose their direction.

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