Restya Core Features

Instant workflow validations in the Kanban UI

A Restya Core workflow is a bunch of statuses with transitions, forms fields, kanbanUI, and permissions that a task travels through during its lifecycle, and normally represents an interaction inside your organization. And also an option to add the form validators and automation based on the flow.

Instant form validations in all views - including Kanban UI

Admin can configure form validators on every workflow designer panel. Validators check that any input made to the transition is valid before the transition is performed. Input can include that gathered from the user on the transition's screen. If a validator fails, the issue does not progress to the destination status of the transition, the transition's post functions are not executed and the error message of the failed validator is shown. Restya Core provides instant form validations in all views - including Kanban UI.

Migrate from Jira, Asana, Trello, etc using the easy import option

The Restya Core Importers allow you to import your data from various files. This might be helpful when you are migrating from an external issue tracker to Restta Core. Import automatically into Restya Core from Asana, Bitrix24, ClickUp, Clubhouse, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Kantree, Notion, Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, Trello, Wekan, Wrike, Zepel.

Slack-like chat (including chatbots) and activity stream

Restya Core chatbots will only perform actions if it's been asked to by a user in the Restya Core, with our native integrations and chatbots for process optimization and onboarding in Restya Core. User can import their chatbots also and some predefined chatbots like DuckDuckGo etc. to get the information instantly on Restya Core. The activity feed lets you view all of the changes that occur across your entire board.

Customizable workflows - Fixed and ad hoc options

A Restya Core workflow is a bunch of statuses with transitions, forms fields, kanbanUI, and permissions that a task travels through during its lifecycle, and normally represents an interaction inside your organization. Restya Core has built-in workflows that you can use without expecting to roll out any improvements, or you can begin new and create your own. While creating the project, under Workflow Type, select type of workflow wants for the new project, whether Adhoc (or) Defined. You can select the cloning workflow for this project options, If you plan to modify workflow in the future, but only specific to this project.

Extensible architecture - Download new workflows, chatbots, and RPA process robots from

Restya provided the Extensible and easy integrable option for the restya Core. One-click download option for Workflow. You can import these workflows to try them out on your Restya Core site. Restya Core users across the world have created a breadth of workflows they find useful in their classic Restya Core projects. We can also import the RPA Process Robots for automation into our Restya Core, We can download the pre-defined automation like slack, Microsoft teams, etc.. from restya (or) we can also import the external automation. It makes the work process most automated on Restya Core.

Studio - Create new workflows, design forms, design kanban UI, form apps

A Restya Core Studio contains the workflows, designers, forms, etc. As a Restya Core admin, you can create, import, and delete workflows to adapt to the needs of your business processes and teams working in Restya Core application projects.

BI Reports - Business Intelligence using multiple methodologies and charts

Business intelligence reports give you the ability to interact with data. It also shows measurements to specific individuals, projects, milestones, or different fields inside tasks. These insights support decisions and strategies to shape future performance.

Search - Basic and advanced search options

Restya Core gives an incredible task search facility. You can look for tasks across the range, milestones, and components utilizing a scope of search criteria. Restya Core likewise makes custom fields accessible as search standards, permitting you to refine your searches much further. Restya Core Advanced Search provides two important factors to consider: speed and ease of use. It will display results in less than 50 milliseconds. It also supports Free-text searching.

Power Mode - Get admin rights for specific projects

Admin has the right to enable the power mode for a certain type of project role users. The power mode option is shown to the user who had power mode rights allowed from the admin. When users enable the power mode in the project, they can move the tasks to unsatisfied transitions in form validations.

ACL/Permissions - Different user roles and project roles

Restya Core’s Roles and Permissions structure include a 100% configurable framework that gives you full oversight over framework access. Restya Core uses a concept of Roles, designed to give the Administrator the ability to control what users can and cannot do within the Restya Core. A Restya Core Administrator can manage user access by assigning a specific role to each of the users. Project management requires a variety of roles, and each has its own responsibilities. Access to project roles can be configured in the workflow. The access is configured differently in the workflow based on the requirements.

Night mode & themes

Dark Mode is a dark color theme that changes the appearance of your app! The dark color scheme uses light-colored text, icons, and graphic elements on a dark background. Restya Core has additional features, it automatically recognizes the system theme and loads the Restya Core based on the theme.

Multilingual support

Restya Core provides Multilingual support. These features enable the option to view the site in different languages, it helps different user's to understand the workflow of the project.

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