ClickUp is a project management software tool used by organizations across the globe. Whilst it claims to be a single solution for all of your work needs, for some project teams it isn’t the right fit.

Why Look for a ClickUp alternative?

It’s fair to say that those who love ClickUp deliver some great results using their tools. But, when you take a look at some real reviews, not everyone believes that ClickUp fits into their team as seamlessly as they’d like.

Clickup has become a little bloated, with one user in particular noting that “there are too many ways to use the software (which is actually a drawback)”.

Users may also see challenges when navigating the interface with some reviews expressing frustration at the number of clicks it takes to view and act on information contained in the dashboard and tasks.

Despite its feature-rich portfolio, some users find the array of functionality hard to use in practice. If you need to do a number of things well, ClickUp may be for you. But for those that need to do specific things perfectly, ClickUp didn’t offer the depth of functionality that some teams need.

Design / UI
One of the key areas ClickUp customers get stuck is with the user interface. Similarly to functionality, lots of features lead to a lot of options. This inevitably causes confusion. If you prefer a cleaner and more intuitive design, an alternative may be what you need.

A number of reviews also mention a lack of onboarding support from ClickUp, leaving their teams feeling isolated. If you’ve got a large team with limited technical capability, a provider which offers better support packages may be a better fit for you.

The above are three broad reasons you may be considering a ClickUp alternative. There of course may be many other reasons that are specific to your team too.

Cons Of using ClickUp

Some of the things we didn’t enjoy about Clickup:

1. Can be overwhelming to get started due to the number of features.
2. Lacks a dedicated scrum board.
3. Does not have functional reports like sprint burndown chart or cumulative flow diagram.
4. Missing developer-friendly capabilities like markdown to write descriptions and share code snippets.
5. Users have complained their mobile app isn’t great.
6. Is considered to be expensive when you want to upgrade to higher plans.

Restya Core - The All in One - ClickUp Alternative

Tired of all the complexity and multiple clicks needed to get a simple thing done?! It's time to shift to a simple, yet a powerful alternative with CRM included.

Restya Core is the #1 ClickUp alternative to plan your projects, prioritize tasks, and simplify your team's work day.

Research shows that users who switch to Restya Core from ClickUp experience:

- Less feature bloat
- Better collaboration
- Easier onboarding
- Faster load times

Restya core has the features you need

- Easy Configuration
Spend a few minutes setting things up and we'll get out of your way

- Blazingly fast
Speedy. Quick. Swift. Blink and you'll miss our loading screens.

- Centralized collaboration
Everyone in your org can cross-functionally view info and progress.

- Simple workflow management
Workflows are linear and open. No need for complex transition rules.

Restya core is fast, powerful project management

So much so that 98% of users say they have benefited from our software.

- Create customizable workflows in minutes. Drag-and-drop work items on a Kanban Board and keep everyone in sync with your progress. The best part is everything happens in real-time without any lag.

- Iterate features with Sprints Your customers want that feature. And you need to plan, prioritize, and keep your team aligned. With none of the configuration mess, Sprints in Restya core lets you take the direct line to your customer’s heart and build delightful features.

- Find just the things you care about. No coding required Slice and dice to find any item you care about. Need to find a user story in Dev Board with In-Progress status and in Sprints? You can do that. Want to find a bug assigned to a teammate? You can do that too!

Whatever you need to find, it’s all just a few clicks away.

- Track an entire feature. Not just a single user story. Prioritize features and get a full-blown picture of how they are progressing. Across disciplines. In real-time. Because when you’re just a week away from shipping your feature, you should be tracking your entire feature. Not user stories and tasks.

- Uncover opportunities with Reports With cumulative, burnup, burndown, and activity feeds at your disposal, Restya core lets you stay on top of your team’s progress. Whether you need to zoom in and see the progress of a specific feature or take a step back and see how the entire project is progressing.

Why choose Restya Core over ClickUp?

Project teams love Restya Core because of its simplicity. It gives a simple view of what needs to be completed and what’s already been done. Whilst one of ClickUp’s great features is its price, Restya Core also offers great value, especially with its free offering.

Import all your stuff, instantly and automatically.


Takes 60 seconds

Free Forever

Integrate with Everything

With over 1,000 integrations and counting, sync just about any tool you need with Restya Core.


Get the best view of all your work.

1. List View
2. Board View
3. Calendar View
4. Gantt View
5. Embed View
6. Form View
7. Doc
8. Chat
9. Activity View
10. Mind Maps
11. Timeline
12. Workload
13. Table View
14. Map View
15. Box View

Restya Core - A better way to manage everything.

Tasks, reminders, calendars, to-do lists, for you and your teams - all in one place.

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