Restya Core Integrations with Leftronic through Zapier

Restya Core Integrations with Leftronic through Zapier


Leftronic provides real-time visibility into your company’s most important data on a beautiful dashboard.


Modify Number

Change an existing value on a number based widget by a given value.

Update Image

Update an image widget with a new image

Set List

Set a list with a list of values

Set Number

Set any of your Leftronic number widgets to a specific value.

Create List Item

Add an item to a list widget.

Create Point

Send two values to plot on a scatter plot or bar graph widget

Plot Location

Plot a location on a map widget

Set Label

Set the label for a label widget in your dashboard

New Gallery Image

Add an image to a Leftronic gallery widget.

Create Leader

Add or set a value on a leaderboard widget on your dashboard.

Create Text Entry

Add a title, message and an optional image to your text feed widget.