WhatsApp Twilio RPA

Get instant notifications on WhatsApp when changes are made to tasks in Restya Core.

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What is a Twilio?

Twilio Messaging is an API to send and receive SMS, MMS, OTT messages globally. It uses intelligent sending features to ensure messages reliably reach end-users wherever they are. Twilio has SMS-enabled phone numbers available in more than 180 countries.

Restya Core and Twilio WhatsApp service work beautifully together. However, add automation to send and receive the information about the task status on WhatsApp. It’s one of the topmost RPA, it is useful for every user to see the task information in the day-to-day life part of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Twilio + Restya Core

WhatsApp /w Twilio RPA support to send the notification through WhatsApp. WhatsApp notification option provided by Restya Core Because WhatsApp has quickly emerged as the go-to messaging app for over 1.6 billion consumers around the globe. It's fast and simple. Nowadays, most people have moved to WhatsApp. Restya core provides many trend options.

Automate your processes by combining Rules and Twilio

Reduce manual work by using Rules with Restya Core for Twilio. With Rules, you can automatically send a message to a WhatsApp based on a trigger in Restya Core. Rules make it easy to set up customizable processes and increase team agility.

How it Works

Step 1

While adding the automation rules in the workflow and choosing the Whatsapp Twilio RPA service, the Restya Core system asks the mobile number of the user and information(or) message to send to Whatsapp.

Step 2

The message supports smart values. Learn more about(Link).

Step 3

When the task meets the rules, Whatsapp & Twilio RPA sends the message to the number.

WhatsApp Twilio helps to automate the transfer of the Restya core task status to your WhatsApp.

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