Content Management

Deal with the substance lifecycle from prioritization through to draft and conveyance.

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Manage the content lifecycle from draft to delivery. Perfect for content requiring review and approval.

What is a Content Management Workflow?

The content management workflow provides teams with a visual way to track the progress of work from to-do to published. Before assets like blog posts, webinars, and marketing collateral get published, they must be created, reviewed, and approved.

Step by step instructions to begin with the content management

1. Move work through the content lifecycle

2. Plan and prioritize your content needs

3. Track progress and get feedback along the way

Benefits of content management Workflow

content management workflow can be a powerful way to organize and prioritize your entire process. you might benefit from Workflow.

The content management workflow’s workflow is grounded in the content lifecycle. Start your projects in the “to do” column and as work progresses through the workflow, move the task through to “published.” Use this template to get clarity on all the work your team is doing today and in the future.

Plot out priorities using the timeline to align your content delivery dates with the needs of your team and other stakeholders. The calendar view provides clarity and visibility on upcoming milestones, so you can be sure that the team is working towards the same goal.

Use our suggested workflow to track your content development through each step, and get feedback from your team by giving them access to your project and mentioning or assigning them to particular assets. Use the suggested workflow as a starting point, and customize it to match your team’s process.

See your tasks on content management for days – and weeks, months, quarters, and beyond the expectation.


For chronological to-dos to track and edit your work or related projects faster than ever with in-line editing.


View and manage tasks across time and schedules to hit your deadlines. Helps to See an ongoing schedule at a glance.


Gantt-style view for deadline-bound work with dependencies. Provide Steps to Plan and establish dependencies to allocate work and map out larger projects.


content management style view to move work through stages and track work to completion through your team’s. you can switch between several different views of Procurement style beyond the expectation.

content management Tasks

Restya Core makes it easy for you to set up digital content management boards and fill them with digital content management tasks.

Progress is tracked using content management tasks, which can be as simple as sticky notes that can be moved or virtual tasks that can be dragged and dropped into various statuses on your content management board.

content management tasks are highly customizable. For example, you can show or hide selected information fields on the tasks and add dynamic content like checklists, attachments, or links to other tasks. Most content management can be set to deliver email notifications when a task gets reassigned is moved to a different stage in the workflow or undergoes some other change.

Restya Core provides an unbelievable option to the teams, to customize their view of the task of the content management. Any changes you make on your content management board tasks are instantly available to all members of the team. Track production of tasks in real-time.

Why use Restya Core for content management?

Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Deliver a seamless experience to employees, even when multiple departments are involved.

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