Issue Tracking

Capture, track, resolve and report on bugs and issues throughout your entire development process.

Quickly capture,, assign and prioritize issues with Restya Core and track all parts of the product improvement cycle. Restya Core's amazing work process motor gives an unmistakable perspective on a bug's status, and mechanization keeps you aware of everything with notices as issues progress from build-up to done. Restya Core is the connective tissue for your product group, giving you full perceivability and control of your items' start to finish improvement.

Capture and track Issues in your software

Capture bugs anywhere in your software projects with Restya Core. Once you've identified a bug, create an issue and add all relevant details, including descriptions, severity level, screenshots, version, and more. Issues can represent anything from a software bug, a project task to a leave request form, and each unique issue type can have its own custom workflow.

Issue Tracking stage

  • New
    Work holding on to be finished.
  • Fix Committed
    Figured out a working solution to a problem,
  • Testing
    Quality testing process that ensures that an organization delivers the best products
  • Rejected
    Unable to understand what you were trying to convey via reported defect, expect it to be rejected
  • Deferred
    Reviewed again within the context of the regular requirement, as if they hadn’t been reviewed previously.
  • Closed
    Work finished. Done and tidied!

Assign and prioritize with ease

Once issues are captured, prioritize them based on the level of importance, urgency, and the team's capacity. Assign issues with a few keystrokes and prioritize them by dragging and dropping them in your team's backlog or to-do column. By having a single source of truth, you can keep everyone on the same page and ensure the team is working on the highest priority items first.

Break down, measure, and continue to improve

Access and break down the entirety of your activities

Normalize your undertaking arranging, so you get consistency in your outcomes. Apply our prepared to-utilize stages or customize data as per your particular requirements.

Improve your group’s correspondence.

Unify your group’s associations concerning your tasks in a solitary spot and quit flipping between instruments. Trade messages, messages, and data without leaving the stage, saving you time and exertion.

Measure results to improve your execution.

Utilizing Restya Core’’information you can quantify your outcomes, and distinguish territories to improve your cycle for future activities.

See your tasks on Issue Tracking for days – and weeks, months, quarters, and beyond the expectation.


For chronological to-dos to track and edit your work or related projects faster than ever with in-line editing.


View and manage tasks across time and schedules to hit your deadlines. Helps to See an ongoing schedule at a glance.


Gantt-style view for deadline-bound work with dependencies. Provide Steps to Plan and establish dependencies to allocate work and map out larger projects.


Issue Tracking style view to move work through stages and track work to completion through your team. you can switch between several different views of Issue Tracking style beyond the expectation.

Task Management Tasks

Restya Core makes it easy for you to set up digital Task Management boards and fill them with digital Issue Tracking tasks. Progress is tracked using To Do tasks, which can be as simple as sticky notes that can be moved or virtual tasks that can be dragged and dropped into various statuses on your To Do board.

Issue Tracking tasks are highly customizable. For example, you can show or hide selected information fields on the tasks and add dynamic content like checklists, attachments, or links to other tasks. Most To Do software can be set to deliver email notifications when a task gets reassigned, is moved to a different stage in the workflow, or undergoes some other change.

Restya Core provides an unbelievable option to the teams, to customize their view of the task Management. Any changes you make on your To Do board tasks are instantly available to all members of the team. Track production of tasks in real-time.

Why use Restya Core for Issue Tracking management?

Quality and effectiveness during project execution.

Quality and effectiveness during project execution Improve your task board abilities.

Customize workflows to fit your team and company’s needs — so everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time.

Utilizing Restya Core's Issue Tracking Workflow, you will save a ton of time and cash by smoothing out your cycle, improving your capacity to handily follow your current and future undertakings, and unifying correspondence among you and your partners. Normalize your arranging, focus on things to do, characterize the extension, and convey an incredible outcome, consistently.

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