Task Management

Monitor every one of your undertakings in one coordinated workspace.

Task Management software built for your team. Restya helps to imply following assignments from start to finish, designating subtasks to colleagues, and setting cutoff times to ensure projects complete on schedule.

What is a Task Management Workflow?

Task management is more than a to-do list. It signifies tracking tasks from beginning to culmination, delegating subtasks to teammates, and setting deadlines to ascertain projects get done on time. Task management software, like Restya Core, potentiates teams to work more productively and efficiently.

For what reason do you require team task management software?

Do you sit around idly putting together sticky notes, looking through your email and plans for the day, and sorting out what to deal with first? At that point, you need one answer to focus on your tasks, deal with your time, and fulfill your time constraints.

  • To-do

    work holding on to be finished.

  • Doing

    work in progress at present.

  • Done

    work finished. Done and tidied!

Task Management stage

Task Management Workflow will empower you to track and screen exercises and direct the thing everybody is doing. It will likewise improve your group's correspondence and establish a cooperation climate so every part can cooperate in a coordinated and hassle-free way. Control cutoff times, normalize execution and accomplish your group's objectives

Use this workflow for the project
Business as customary tasks such as preparing reports or presentations.
Ad hoc tasks such as training an incipient team member.
Minute, recurring tasks such as updating timesheets or authoritatively mandating supplies.

Usage of Task Management

Keep up control of all moving parts by following everything in one coordinated workspace. Keep away from bottlenecks, prepare, and effectively all own errands to a culmination.
Save time, try not to lose work and data, representative, and track errands to remain on time and hit cutoff times.
Never miss a deadline. Organize and prioritize all of your team’s tasks to gain full visibility into who’s working on what.

Following tasks permits everybody to comprehend which are more significant or require additional time, so groups can design their time and fulfill time constraints.
Effectively focus on, representative, and set clear responsibility to guarantee projects complete on schedule. Get constant updates and impart in setting to keep everybody on top of it.
Alter your undertaking the board answer to fit your necessities. With adaptable perspectives and dashboards, acquire bits of knowledge on your advancement regardless of what you’re chipping away at.

See your tasks on Task Management for days – and weeks, months, quarters, and beyond the expectation.


For chronological to-dos to track and edit your work or related projects faster than ever with in-line editing.


View and manage tasks across time and schedules to hit your deadlines. Helps to See an ongoing schedule at a glance.


Gantt-style view for deadline-bound work with dependencies. Provide Steps to Plan and establish dependencies to allocate work and map out larger projects.


Task Management style view to moving work through stages and track work to completion through your team. Arrange your work like sticky notes on a board that you can travel through various stages rapidly, effectively, and delightfully. you can switch between several different views of Task Management style beyond the expectation.

Task Management Tasks

Restya Core makes it easy for you to set up digital Task Management boards and fill them with digital Task Management tasks. Progress is tracked using Task Management tasks, which can be as simple as sticky notes that can be moved or virtual tasks that can be dragged and dropped into various statuses on your Task Management board.

Task Management tasks are highly customizable. For example, you can show or hide selected information fields on the tasks and add dynamic content like checklists, attachments, or links to other tasks. Most Task Management software can be set to deliver email notifications when a task gets reassigned, is moved to a different stage in the workflow, or undergoes some other change.

Restya Core provides an unbelievable option to the teams, to customize their view of the task Management. Any changes you make on your Task Management board tasks are instantly available to all members of the team. Track production of tasks in real-time.

Why use Restya Core for Task Management management?

Visualizing work in a team environment simplifies communication and leads to improved productivity.

Unparalleled customizability of workflows of Restya Core.

The Restya Core Task Management has numerous and hidden features that can simplify your tasks, facilitate just-in-time delivery and encourage collaboration between teams Remember that Task Management improves the way you work and raises the bar for your deliveries, you have a strategic advantage by using our workflow.

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