Customer Support


For our paying customers we handle support requests also by e-mail. You can send your inquiry to , and we will forward it to the corresponding agent.

Please understand that we do not provide here dedicated user support for free. Check out our commercial offers for receiving enterprise grade customer support.

Ticket System

All our paying customers are granted access to our Support Ticket System. Here new tickets can be filed, and the progress can be monitored. Since it allows us to involve multiple users on the client and provider side, our Support Ticket System is suitable for handling complex issues over a longer time period. It should be used, whenever leaving a track record is advantageous, e.g. for triggering and monitoring the implementation of middleware. Link:

Request login credentials by e-mail to  , if you represent a paying customer, and if you don’t have any login credentials yet.

Calendly - Zoom

In nowadays it is most common to arrange dedicated support by arranging a call / video conference by corresponding third party tools. We prefer using Zoom conferences scheduled by Calendly:

Zoom allows our agent to interact with the PC of the client.

Other video conference tools

We have no restrictions regarding communication tools, and we can use whatever information and communication tool our client wishes. With our default solutions we work most effectively.

Phone & WhatsApp

For clients with intense support activities, e.g. for software development work, we can exchange mobile phone numbers, and also communicate with WhatsApp.

VPN / Root

Our technicians work most effectively, if you can grant them access to your server by setting up a root access with VPN. Please check if this is compliant with your security policy, and ask for instructions on how to enable such access if required.

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