The Kanban Guide

How to Use Kanban Boards for Project Management

To use the kanban view with Restyaboard, start a free trial. Then, upload your task list, or create a new project. Follow this step-by-step guide below to get started with kanban on Restyaboard.

1. Add Columns

The traditional kanban process is three columns: To Do, Doing, and Done. But you can title the columns whatever suits your workflow. There can be as many columns as you need to visualize the various stages of your production. But this is a flow from assigned to executing to complete.

2. Add Cards

Now, beneath the To Do column, add the individual tasks to the kanban board. These should have a descriptive title so they can be easily understood.

3. Add Description and Assign Task

Write a description to provide instructions for the task. The card can then be assigned to one or more team members, and supporting documents or images can be attached. These cards will move to the Work-in-Progress column as they’re being executed and to the Done column when complete.

4. Collaborate on Tasks

You can open up your task right from the board view. Throughout the process, comments can be added at the task level, and team members will get email notifications when an @ is added before their name. This keeps everyone on the same page and enables real-time collaboration.

5. Expand Task to Add More Details

You can also expand the card to get even more control over your task. Here you can update hours worked, create a to-do list within the task, add tags, and so on. You can also create a dialogue with other team members, documenting all the communication right there on the task card.

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