The Kanban Guide

What do Project Managers do in Kanban?

Considering that project teams, particularly IT teams, are typically large and not co-located, it can be a challenge for Project Managers to work with physical Kanban boards. This is where Kanban software comes in handy. Kanban software for Project Managers can help manage multiple teams using a visual electronic dashboard. The dashboard is the Kanban board which can be used to view the recent activities in the form of cards that are continuously updated and help keep track of aging cards.

Kanban software also commonly provides analytics functionality that gives detailed insights into the work patterns and helps forecast the required throughput to complete the backlog. Real-time collaboration at the dashboard level and card level can help keep the project on a fast track. In its most basic form, Kanban software can enable Project Managers to accomplish the following:

  • List the backlog task and can assign one task at a time to each team member.
  • Once the task is finished by the team member the task can be marked as finished and listed under the finished list of tasks.
  • The Manager can then assign the next task to the team member who has finished the earlier assigned task and is waiting for the task to be assigned.

This way a bigger project can be divided into multiple small achievable tasks and the project can be tracked on a real-time basis. The scope creeps can also be incorporated as and when they occur, and load balancing can be achieved at any level due to the flexibility provided by Kanban. The Project Managers can maintain smoother workflow, greater throughput, and sustain seamless delivery, thus achieving delivery of the project on time with minimum or no defects.

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