The Kanban Guide

Why is Kanban Project Management Important?

The Kanban Method helps you gradually improve the delivery of your products and services. It does so by helping you eliminate bottlenecks in your system, improve flow and reduce cycle time. It helps you deliver more continuously and get faster feedback to make any changes that may be needed by your customer.

When it comes to identifying opportunities for improvement like using a Kanban system, your busy team members are among the people who can provide the most insight.

However, pulling these people off task and facilitating their input may not seem possible. After all, who will get the work done while the team is brainstorming and implementing improvements?

This is the unfortunate catch-22 that many teams find themselves in: Because they are too busy to make improvements, things that could alleviate some of their busyness do not get finished. So, the cycle of inefficiency continues.

To overcome the challenges of having too much work and not enough time to take a step back, many teams have found a Kanban system to be a good starting point.

A Kanban system offers a systematic approach to identifying opportunities for improving efficiency by tracking and managing work in a visual way.

Kanban is not a separate improvement-focused initiative that pulls people away from their “actual” work. It is a systematic approach to tracking and managing a team’s work that, when used correctly, will naturally highlight opportunities for improvement. When teams identify those opportunities, they can implement solutions and track their progress on the same Kanban board.

With a Kanban system, “doing the work” and “improving the way we work” can be performed simultaneously – helping teams truly embrace the continuous part of continuous improvement.

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