Partner Program

Our Partners are providing consulting services, and implementation services to our clients. They help them with the program management, the installation, development work, configurations, training, maintenance and server management.

Partners are entitled to charge clients whatever price they think is reasonable and appropriate.

Partners are individuals or a team. Local IT service companies may join the program as a team. Each participant has to select a skillset. The following skills are predefined:

Marketing and Sales​

(acting as reseller)​


(acting as key account manager)

Server Management

(acting as server administrator)

Development - Programming

(acting as developer)

Development - Project Management

(acting as project manager)

Development - Quality Assurance

(acting as tester)

Configuration Support

(acting as supporter or consultant)

1st level Support

(acting as supporter)

2nd level Support

(acting as supporter)

Our partners will benefit from continued training, and if they are interested also form the provision of hot leads.

All our partners are invited to join our pool of experts. Out of the pool a team can be composed by a key account manager for serving a development and implementation project.

Most Partners are also acting as resellers. Send us an e-mail, or schedule a meeting, if you want to learn more about it.

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