Agile Project Management

How to Become an Agile Project Manager?

Agile Project Manager is essentially one of a kind from conventional tactics to Project management, including the waterfall technique. Many Agile frameworks, including Scrum, do not have a genuine position for a Project manager withinside the group — instead, there is a Scrum grasp.

Agile makes a specialty of a collaborative method to tasks and emphasizes teamwork, which makes the project manager’s position much less described. An Agile project manager is extra of a guide, facilitator, mentor, alternate expert, coach, and trainer.

To be a successful Agile Project manager, you must own the subsequent qualities:
  • Exceptional organizational abilities, such as the capacity to prioritize.
  • The capacity to thrive beneath neath pressure.
  • Excellent communique abilities and the capacity to work properly with others.
  • Superior important wondering capabilities, such as the capacity to assume in your feet.
  • Comfort with speedy converting priorities and an excessive degree of adaptability and flexibility
An Agile Project manager additionally desires to embody the 4 key values indexed withinside the professional Agile Manifesto:
  • Individuals and interactions over methods and tools
  • Working software program over complete documentation
  • Customer collaboration over agreement negotiation
  • Responding to alternate over following a plan
While a few of the ideas and methods furnished withinside the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) are nonetheless applicable to Agile, in case you need to be aware of Agile Project management, you must consider an Agile education path over the usual PMP (Project Management Professional) designation.

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