Agile Project Management

How to Run a Scrum Meeting?

Scrum is a framework for enforcing the Agile methodology. A crucial part of Scrum is each day’s Scrum assembly.

You can run a Scrum Meeting efficaciously with the aid of using enforcing the subsequent steps:
  • Have your conferences at the identical time and withinside the identical place, each day.
  • Meet face-to-face or require video chat if speaking virtually.
  • Keep them quick and to the point — those conferences are frequently best 15 mins long.
  • Focus on any updates because the remaining assembly and the work will be finished earlier than the subsequent assembly.
  • Concentrate on the spot movements and troubles that want to be solved. You can deal with any new ideas, plans, or troubles that will require greater interest later.
To keep recognition throughout a Scrum Meeting, ask the team those 3 questions:
  • What did you accomplish due to the fact we remained met?
  • What do you propose to perform withinside the subsequent 24 hours?
  • What troubles or troubles are you presently facing?
Five greater guidelines for powerful Scrum conferences:
  • Stick to your timetable and agenda — do not allow your assembly to burst off the song.
  • Bring up your Scrum board throughout the assembly so your team can see development.
  • Do not deliver outsiders to the assembly until essential.
  • Hold it as a stand-up assembly.
  • Enforce begin and prevent instances and assume your team to return prepared.
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