Agile Project Management

Is Agile Project Management Applicable to Construction?

Agile Project management may be carried out to nearly any big scale Project in any industry, such as construction. Agile asks you to first consider a Project at a strategic degree, then destroy it down into duties. This exercise of segmenting a Project into bite-sized chunks facilitates making certain common and constant delivery. It additionally allows you to shape any Project to be extra adaptive to modifications.
Say that your project is to construct a single-residing house, and it will take 4 months. You can effortlessly destroy this agenda down into two- to 4-week sprints (or intervals). Perhaps the primary dash may be making ready and laying the foundation. The 2nd dash will contain building the difficult framing, etc. By making plans and that specializes in one dash at a time, the Project stays bendy to sudden modifications including an unexpected blizzard or the customer asking for a kitchen redesign.
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