Agile Project Management

Is Agile the Future of Project Management?

Agile appears to be developing in reputation amongst Project management professionals, and with proper reason. Its flexibility and adaptability make Agile perfect for tasks wherein the full-size constraints are not properly understood. It additionally works for clients who need an excessive degree of involvement and common deliveries of plausible products. But is Agile the destiny of Project management?

The easy solution is no. Despite the various blessings of Agile, it is now no longer properly perfect to all tasks — for example, something that calls for reproducibility. Picture a situation wherein a purchaser asks you to create 3 equal automobiles. If you decide to create a separate Project and shape a stand-on my own Agile group for everyone, it’d probably bring about 3 specific automobiles as opposed to 3 equal ones.

Agile is likewise wrong for:
  • Projects wherein the results are already solid and properly understood.
  • A purchaser who is unwilling to decide to the extent of interplay required.
  • An enterprise that cannot aid Agile surroundings.
Waterfall is presently the exceptional Project management approach for clearly described tasks with concrete timelines and deliverables.

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