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What is a Network Diagram in Project Management?

Network Diagram – Whether you are a Project Manager or a Project team member, you must get yourself up to speed with Network diagrams — additionally called the project schedule network diagram. A Project network diagram is a vital device as it allows groups to visualize the sports that want to be finished over the period of a challenge. It additionally offers vital context like undertaking period, series, and dependency.

What is a project network?

A project network is a graph that suggests the sports, period, and interdependencies of obligations inside your project.

What is a project schedule community diagram in project management?

A project schedule community diagram visualizes the sequential and logical courting among obligations in a project set. This visualization is predicated on the clean expression of the chronology of obligations and events.

Most often, a Project Network diagram is depicted as a chart with a sequence of containers and arrows. This network diagram device is used to map out the agenda and work series for the project, in addition to music its development through every stage — as much as and together with completion. Because it encompasses the massive obligations that want to arise over the challenge’s period, a community diagram is likewise beneficial in illustrating the scope of the challenge.

Benefits of the project management network diagram

A network diagram lets in a challenge supervisor to music every detail of a challenge and speedy percentage its reputation with others. Its different blessings encompass:
  • Visual illustration of development for stakeholders
  • Establishing challenge workflows
  • Tracking dependencies and capability bottlenecks
Research additionally suggests that depicting records in a visible manner can enhance comprehension and decorate retention — that means that a network diagram can improve overall performance and productivity whilst lowering strain amongst your team members.

Types of project network diagrams: Arrow diagram and priority diagram

There are primary styles of community diagrams in project management: the arrow diagramming approach (ADM), additionally called “hobby community diagram” or “hobby on the arrow”; and the priority diagramming approach (PDM), additionally called “node community” or “hobby on the node.”

Arrow Diagram Approach (ADM)

The ADM, or hobby community diagram, makes use of arrows to symbolize sports related to the challenge. It is vital to be aware that, because of the ADM’s limitations, it is now no longer extensively utilized in project management. However, it is nevertheless beneficial to apprehend ADMs, so you can apprehend those diagrams if they stand up for your painting’s environment.


The tail of the arrow represents the beginning of the hobby and the top represents the end.
The period of the arrow normally denotes the period of the hobby.
Each arrow connects containers, called “nodes.” The nodes are used to symbolize the beginning or give up on a hobby in a chain. The beginning node of a hobby is occasionally referred to as the “I-node,” with the very last node of a chain once in a while referred to as the “j-node.”
The handiest courting among the nodes and hobbies that an ADM chart can constitute is “end to begin” or FS.

Occasionally, “dummy sports”—arrows that do not constitute a right of way courting—want to be protected in ADM community diagrams. In the diagram below, hobby C can handiest arise as soon as sports A and B are complete; withinside the community diagram, you have related hobby A to hobby C. Perhaps we are speaking to me approximately tiling a floor (hobby C): It can handily start as soon as the concrete is poured (hobby A) and the lets in are obtained (hobby B). Since sports A and B are not without delay related—A does not result in B, and B does not result in A—you will want to attract a dummy hobby among B and C to expose that C is depending on B being finished. An ADM chart additionally does now no longer have a manner to encapsulate lead and lag instances without introducing new nodes and sports.

Precedence Diagram Approach (PDM)

PDM network diagrams are regularly utilized in project management these days and are a greater green opportunity for ADMs. In the priority diagramming approach for developing community diagrams, every box, or node, represents a hobby—with the arrows representing relationships among the distinct sports. The arrows can consequently constitute all 4 viable relationships:
  • “Finish to Start” (FS): When a hobby cannot begin earlier than any other hobby finishes.
  • “Start to Start” (SS): When sports can begin simultaneously.
  • “Finish to Finish” (FF): When obligations want to complete together.
  • “Start to Finish” (SF): This is an unusual dependency and handiest used whilst one hobby cannot end till any other hobby starts.
In PDM, lead instances and lag instances may be written along with the arrows. If a specific hobby goes to require 10 days to elapse till the subsequent hobby can arise, for example, you may honestly write “10 days” over the arrow representing the connection among the related nodes.
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