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What is a Responsibility Project Matrix (RAM) in Project Management?

An obligation project matrix (RAM) in project management, additionally called a RACI chart or RACI matrix informs all the essential stakeholders and clarifies obligations among cross-purposeful groups and their involvement stage in a project. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, and every letter corresponds to a team member.

A RAM in project management must be stated through all events for the duration of a project as it facilitates an individual’s roles and obligations earlier than painting begins. A RACI matrix guarantees all stakeholders realize who is liable for finishing a project or getting remarks on deliverables.

The 4 roles are damaged down as follows:
  • Responsible: The person(s) finishing the project
  • Accountable: The team member coordinating the actions, making selections, and delegating to the ones liable for the project
  • Consulted: The person(s) who can be communicated with concerning selections and tasks
  • Informed: The person(s) who can be up to date at some point of the project and upon crowning glory
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