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What is Configuration Management in Project Management?

A configuration is the set of traits that outline a very last product or deliverable. This consists of all purposeful and bodily specs. Physical specs may also consist of color, size, weight, shape, and materials. Functional specs dictate the cap potential of the product to acquire a sure outcome. Take a vehicle for instance: Physical specifications may also be named for a red, four-door vehicle. Functional specifications should consist of the cap potential to attain 60 mph in 10 seconds and meet emissions standards.

What is project configuration management?       

Project configuration management is handling the configuration of all the project’s key merchandise and assets. This consists of any stop merchandise a good way to be introduced to the customer, in addition to all management merchandise, including the project management plan and overall performance management baseline. Implementation of configuration management and project extrude management want to manifest together. Any extrude should be monitored and assessed to decide its effect on the project configuration. The techniques are so interrelated that project configuration management has been stated to be “like extrude management on steroids.”

Five steps of the configuration management manner

There are 5 key steps to project configuration management:
  • Planning: A configuration management plan info how you may report, music, manage, and audit configuration. This report is regularly a part of the project’s fine management plan.
  • Identification: All configuration necessities on a project ought to be recognized and recorded. This consists of capability necessities, layout necessities, and other specs. The finishing touch of this manner consequences withinside the configuration baseline for the project.
  • Management: As the project scope is altered, the effect of the configuration should be assessed, approved, and documented. This is usually executed in the project extrude management manner.
  • Status accounting: Track your project’s configuration in any respect. You ought to have the ability to inform your configuration model and feature a historic report of the vintage variations. It is essential to have an account of all variations so that you can hint at modifications all through the project.
  • Audit: This consists of any assessments to show that the product conforms with the configuration necessities. Let us say you constructed a file that should run inside 10 seconds. The audit assessments to look if the completed file really runs that fast. Often, audits and exams could be constructed on the finishing touch of essential project phases. This is so that you can perceive problems early.

The key distinction to configuration management for Agile initiatives is withinside the identity step. Using Agile, the preliminary identity of specs could be very general. It could be changed and up to date often because the project progresses.

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