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What is Expert Judgment in Project Management?

Although experience like being a project manager is extra like being a jack of all trades, professional judgment is frequently important to project achievement and of entirety. As the PMBOK 6th version notes, project managers “regularly rely upon expert judgment to carry out nicely.”

Expert judgment definition: What does professional judgment in project management mean?

Expert judgment is a method with inside the project-making plan’s system that refers to creating a judgment primarily based totally on the skill, know-how, or specialized expertise in a specific area. The know-how may be primarily based totally on an individual’s schooling or instructional background, professional enjoyment, or expertise of the product/market.

This know-how can come from:
  • A member of the project team
  • A project stakeholder
  • Consultants
  • Subjects remember experts.
  • The Project manager, etc.
Expert judgment can assist while forming techniques around hazard and danger response. It also can become aware of project opportunities. While professional judgment estimation is beneficial withinside the making plans system, it is not always a perfect technique.

Firstly, any wide variety of biases can affect judgment. In “Expert Judgment in Project Management: Narrowing the Theory-Practice Gap”, the writer identifies overconfidence as “one of the maximum not unusual place varieties of cognitive bias in experts.”

Additionally, professional judgment no longer continually relies upon empirical proof, making it inherently incorrect because it relates to fact-primarily based totally decision-making.

Expert judgment strategies

Below is a conventional framework for eliciting professional judgment:
  • Frame the trouble.
  • Plan the elicitation.
  • Select the experts.
  • Train the experts.
  • Elicit judgments.
  • Analyze/Aggregate judgment
  • Document/speak results.
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