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What is Fast-Tracking in Project Management?

Project managers have some gear and strategies they can use to satisfy essential deadlines. One of these strategies is referred to as fast tracking — a way of increasing a Project to supply the give-up product sooner. Fast tracking in project management is an agenda compression method extensively used along with the crashing method. Crashing is while extra sources are allotted to a Project to hurry up its completion.

What is agenda compression?

Schedule compression is a time used to explain the techniques and strategies a Project supervisor will use to shorten the Project lifecycle. Schedule compression targets to maintain the prevailing Project scope.

What is fast tracking in project management?

Fast tracking in project management refers to a way wherein obligations that might often be finished in sequential order are as an alternative finished concurrently. Fast tracking a Project can imply some things, together with that the Project is liable to now no longer complete on time. However, it can additionally replicate an unrealistic closing date or maybe a preference to deliver a product to the marketplace quicker.

To use fast tracking in project management, you need to first move over the essential direction and become aware of which obligations may be finished parallel to at least one another.

For example, while making plans for a birthday celebration, you cannot hold up decorations if a venue has now no longer been chosen. These are obligations that cannot run parallel to at least one another. However, in this identical example, striking up decorations and taking off birthday celebration snacks are sports that may be completed concurrently to quicken the time to the give-up result.

What are the dangers of fast tracking in project management?

As the PMBOK Guide factors out, “fast tracking might also additionally bring about transform and extended risk.” For instance, the Project might also additionally come to be tougher to govern due to extended complexity. The typical fine and performance of the work may additionally go through because of obligations starting with inside the center of different obligations.

When each of the fast tracking and crashing strategies are applied, finances increase/overrun is likewise a possibility. This is due to the fact the crashing method calls for including extra sources (overtime, workforce, etc.) to a Project for quicker completion.

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