What is Lean Project Management?

Lean Project Management is the utility of lean production ideas to the exercise of Project Management. The intention of lean project management is to maximize price even by minimizing waste. Lean production ideas have been advanced with the aid of using Toyota withinside the Nineteen Fifties and implemented withinside the Seventies to fight the strength crisis. The term “lean” became coined withinside the past due 1980s. The Project Management Institute sums it up: “To be Lean is to offer what’s needed, while it’s miles needed, with the minimal quantity of materials, device, labor, and space.”
Lean production identifies 3 forms of waste: Muda, muri, and muri (recognized together because of 3M).
  • Muda refers to sports that devour sources without offering an extra price.
  • Muri refers to the overuse of devices or employees.
  • Mura is operational “unevenness,” which decreases performance and productivity withinside the lengthy-term.
Project Management goals to lessen the 3M in the task technique.
What are the blessings of lean project management?
Organizations that use lean project management can expect:
Reduced lead times
  • Lower stock and garage charges
  • Decreased average charges.
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Greater quality
  • Higher consumer satisfaction
The 5 key ideas of lean project management
  • First posted in 1996, the e-book Lean Thinking with the aid of James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones delivered 5 key ideas that may be used to use the tilt idea to task control.
  • Specify price: What is the task’s price withinside the thoughts of the consumer?
  • Map the price stream: A “price stream” map indicates the complete technique for growing the product or task. Once this technique is mapped, it could be analyzed for waste, inclusive of useless steps that tax sources or compromise quality.
  • Make price waft with the aid of using disposing of waste: Creating a development plan will put off the waste diagnosed withinside the price stream. This plan represents a “destiny state” for the task’s technique.
  • Make price waft on the consumer’s demand: The perfect situation is to transport the task ahead or create the product while asked with the aid of using the consumer. Get as near this as feasible to lessen stock and shop sources.
  • Embrace non-stop development in pursuit of perfection: Regularly re-evaluate the task technique to put off the waste and maximize productivity and performance.
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