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What is Project Procurement Management?

Procurement is the act of acquiring items, supplies, and/or offerings. Therefore, project procurement is acquiring all the substances and offerings required for the project. Project procurement Management encompasses the methods used for ensuring project procurement is a hit.

Project procurement Management consists of 3 number one methods. These are:
  • Plan procurements
  • Conduct procurements.
  • Administer (or manage) procurements.
Prior versions of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) blanketed a fourth system, known as near procurements, however, it was eliminated from the 6th edition.

Plan procurements

The first step in a hit project procurement management is creating a plan. This consists of making plans for the following:
  • What are all the substances and offerings you will require for the project? This consists of all specs of the substances and offerings, including minimal great necessities. For example, you do not simply want metallic beams; you want Lloyd’s accepted Grade B metallic beams.
  • What may be supplied via the means of your agency, and what ought to buy elsewhere? This is known as the make vs. purchase selection. Even whilst your agency can do something in-house, there can be an advantage of outsourcing including price savings, quicker transport, etc.
  • What are your settlement necessities for outdoor purchases?
  • Do you have the specified transport dates?
  • Do you need a hard and fast rate settlement or price-reimbursable?
  • Are there key milestones to be blanketed?
  • What approximately criminal phrases and situations need to be met?
  • How will you look for providers of the substances or offerings you want?
  • Will you launch a request for a proposal (RFP)?
  • Do you have the desired provider?
  • What are the standards for who will win the work?
  • Will or not it is primarily based totally on rate if all settlement necessities are met?
  • Is there some other manner to assess bidders? For example, will their Better Business Bureau rating be considered?
During the stage of making plans, it is additionally critical to decide how adjustments may be treated as soon as a settlement is awarded. What takes place whilst a provider tells you they cannot supply on time? Or while you find out you really want two hundred ft. of cable as opposed to the handiest one hundred fifty ft.?

The number one output of this system is a written procurement management plan, that is a subsidiary of your project management plan.

Other outputs may also encompass:
  • RFP paperwork
  • Vendor choice standards
  • Statements of work
  • Documented make-or-purchase decisions.
  • Change request paperwork or system documentation.
  • Any mentioned dangers are delivered to the threat sign-up and threat management plan.
Conduct procurements

This is the execution section of project procurement management. It is whilst the RFPs are released, bids are gathered, and alternatives are made. Any seller negotiations will arise for the duration of this section, after which the agreed-upon contracts are signed. Conducting procurements additionally consists of the real receipt of and charge for items and offerings.

The manage or administer procurements system is targeted at tracking and controlling project procurements to make certain all necessities are met. Two key steps blanketed on this system are:
  • Status or development updates from vendors
  • Quality assessments of services or products delivered.
Schedule and price tracking for procurements also are a part of this system. Any adjustments and their effect on the general project timetable and finances are monitored here. It is critical to consider that if a chunk of fabric goes to be weeks late, how will it affect the relaxation of the project timetable?

The project manager’s position

Unless you are operating in a small company, you probably have a procurement team inside your agency. Therefore, it is herbal to invite what their normal position is with project procurement management, and approximately the obligation of the Project manager. The information will rely on your company and the procurement roles present. Some agencies have procurement managers who paint along with the Project Manager and deal with the bulk of those methods. In different cases, the procurement team may also handiest be accountable for the transactional tasks. Here are a few popular pointers of what you may be accountable for as a Project manager, no matter what the procurement control branch for your agency seems like:

The making plans system: As the Project manager, you will now no longer create the plan in isolation. It will probably be undertaken with the center of your complete project team, such as the procurement team, criminal team (when you have one), and every other applicable concern counts professionally inside the agency. This may also encompass estimators, finance, scheduling, layout or engineering, operations, etc.

Controlling procurements: The Project manager now no longer commonly behaves the procurements. However, you are nonetheless accountable for making sure they are carried out appropriately. In this approach, you want to be privy to the reputation of procurements. If something is late, you want to recognize the way it affects the relaxation of your project timetable and mitigate it appropriately.

If there may be a war among branch necessities, it will be as much as you to solve it. For example, believe that you are informed a key fabric has a 10-week lead time. Unfortunately, your timetable indicates you want it in 8 weeks.

You are informed they can get it in 8 weeks in case you pay an additional 15% for air transport. Do you permit the -week delay, or do you take delivery of the price overrun? Is there a 3rd option, including locating a unique provider? As the project manager, the selection may be your obligation.

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