Agile Project Management

What is the Difference Between Scrum and Agile?

Agile refers to the strategies and exceptional practices for organizing initiatives primarily based totally on the values and ideas documented withinside the Agile Manifesto. Scrum, meanwhile, is a framework used for the implementation of Agile.

Scrum is a tenet for the way to include Agile for your initiatives. It presents the rules, roles, events, equipment, and artifacts essential to efficiently enforce an Agile project. You can think about Agile because of the manner you need to acquire and Scrum because of the device in your success. Imagine that you are making plans for a vacation. Agile is your destination, and Scrum is the manner to get there.

Scrum is one of the more famous Agile frameworks, together with Kanban and Extreme Programming. It’s critical to cautiously don’t forget your Agile project and team’s wishes while deciding on your methodology.

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