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What Is Remote Whiteboarding?

Remote whiteboarding is an outstanding device for group collaboration. Use this device to attract mockups, explain data to group members, and plan initiatives with the assistance of a visible aid. Identically, you will use a bodily whiteboard in an in-individual meeting, remote whiteboarding gear makes it viable to visually speak complicated thoughts.

As work will become extra remote, virtual whiteboards may be a game-changer. Distributed teams can collaborate higher and optimize their strategies through the usage of a centralized platform to brainstorm, plan, and visualize multi-layered concepts, thoughts, and approaches.

Remote whiteboarding gear additionally makes verbal exchange quicker and handy for remote teams. While there is numerous whiteboard gear available, it is vital to pick out one with the proper functions in your group.

An interactive remote whiteboard can cater to an organization’s needs, regardless of which team is located. They also can make the transition smoother for newly remote teams even by fostering new thoughts and creativity.

What makes a powerful online whiteboard?

Using a powerful remote whiteboard will increase the probability of higher verbal exchange amongst employees no matter geographical barriers. It will increase engagement amongst remote employees and make a presentation inclusive and attractive.

While any doodle app may be changed into an internet whiteboard, right here are a few essential functions to appear for that may provide you with an outstanding remote whiteboarding experience.

Infinite canvas

Unlike bodily whiteboards, virtual ones do not have any length restrictions. It means that regardless of how complicated or large your visualizations are, you could effortlessly give them and not use length limitations.

Collaboration functions

An excellent remote whiteboard needs to permit smooth collaboration in real-time. It needs to additionally permit employees to effortlessly change data with applicable parties.

Furthermore, it is vital to remember one which lets your employees effortlessly connect files, links, and snapshots to the whiteboard for destiny reference.


You need to have the capacity to proportion your whiteboard internally together along with your group and additionally export it if required.

There are numerous feature-wealthy remote whiteboarding tools available that may assist the customers to navigate the intricacies of running from home.

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