The Remote Work Guide

Remote Tools for Mobile/Computing Device Apps

As a lot of us are adjusting to long-time period remote operating, it is vital to preserve and optimize our processes, equipment, and Remote Work software program. What are you able to consolidate or upload directly to make existence simpler for everybody?

Restyaboard for Mac/Windows

Enhance your awareness of work with the aid of eliminating the distraction of more than one different tab and make intention success a habit.

Restyaboard iOS and Android app

With Restyaboard’s local iOS and Android apps, you may continue to be efficient on the move, look at venture popularity from wherever you collaborate efficiently — even whilst you are away from your computing device tool.

Remote tools for Enterprise Intelligence

Data on its employees does not imply anything. Convert it into actionable insights. Try remote enterprise intelligence equipment that permits you to visualize information in an easy and comprehensible layout that makes decision-making greater and more powerful.


Use the world’s most famous analytics platform to investigate and interpret information in your enterprise. When you combine Tableau with Restyaboard, you get higher insights into venture overall performance and empower your crew to make higher, information-pushed choices in your enterprise.

Remote equipment for data safety and single signal-on

Even though data safety will not be captivating for everybody, it is miles essential. Since remote teams save essential enterprise data on telephones and laptops, having effective data safety and single signal-on equipment is vital.
Microsoft integrations

Use Office 365 or Azure Active Directory to log in to all your apps securely with a single account.


With SAML, you may use a single signal-on for Restyaboard that helps you to store time and wishes you to not forget fewer passwords!

Google SSO

Hate remembering so many passwords. Use the Google Restyaboard SSO integration to signal into your account together along with your company credentials.

Okta integration

Make your cloud software logins stable with the aid of using the useful Okta integration with Restyaboard. Save passwords and time with this beneficial identification control carrier.


Make remote crew collaboration simpler with the aid of integrating the federation server from PingFederate with Restyaboard. With PingFederate, you may use internet single signal-on provisioning for employees, partners, and business enterprise clients and API safety in your remote team.


Use Shibboleth’s open-supply software program and federated identification answer for internet single signal-on seamlessly whilst you integrate it with Restyaboard’s local integration.

Create work from home fulfillment with Restyaboard

Tools do not simply get the activity performed. They can regularly be the distinction between venture fulfillment and failure. Use the equipment referred to above to control the team sincerely and enhance productiveness, communication, collaboration, and work culture.

With Restyaboard, your team is installed for venture fulfillment. Time tracking, useful resource planning, shared dashboards, and reporting make it smooth to hit goals and live on music. Break down tasks into smaller obligations and create workflows that optimize remote crew collaboration.

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