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Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) assists organizations in overcoming the substantial obstacles of developing and delivering enterprise-class technology-based solutions with high quality and quick time-to-market. SAFe offers have proven success patterns for improving business agility at three levels: portfolio, large solution, and essential.

Value Stream Management

The Restya Value Stream Management solution may be configured to enable VSM at any point of implementation and to evolve alongside the company’s processes, methodologies, and toolchains.

Product Owner

As a product owner, you’re concerned with maximizing the value your product provides to consumers, aligning teams to deploy in a timely and coordinated manner, and updating stakeholders about progress, among other things. You’ll probably want to create a product backlog and roadmap, collect ideas and other feedback from stakeholders and users, plan and track the delivered version of your product, and soon.
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Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

Restya’s OKR support is meant to link your Enterprise OKRs to the experiments and enhancements you’ve identified or are putting into place in product or solution development. Connect your Objectives to work items (like Epics or Features) and Scrum Sprint Goals or SAFe PI Objectives so you can readily view the actions or initiatives that are planned or in progress to achieve the Key Results and ultimately complete your Objectives.
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Release Train Engineer (RTE)

As a Release Train Engineer (RTE), you assist individuals and groups in conducting team or program events and in better understanding and using the Agile mindset and practices. We don’t claim that utilizing Restya would magically make your team or team of teams more agile, but we do have several features that aid collaboration and transparency. Let’s go over the features that we believe will make you happy.
Business Process Practices

Portfolio Manager

Progress, predictions, and quality are all things that a Portfolio Manager is concerned with. You want to know how much and which existing or forthcoming projects are assisting you in growing or improving your company. Restya will not improve your business on its own, but it will assist you in improving transparency, increasing flow, and assisting your teams or teams-of-teams in planning, following, measuring, and improving the processes and products that make up your firm.

Agile Coach

As an agile coach, you can assist individuals and groups in becoming better versions of themselves by utilizing agile values and principles as the foundation for the agile mindset. We don’t claim that adopting Restya would miraculously make you more agile, but we do attempt to avoid stifling or even sabotaging it. Of course, any tool may be misused, but we have Agile Coaches on staff to help prevent that from happening.

Agile Portfolio

Restya serves as a single point of truth for all agile portfolio management and strategy execution activities, from agile portfolio operations to lean governance and high-level strategy and investment decisions, with teams having the freedom to use any agile method or create their custom work process.
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Remote PI Planning

The process of PI planning is a team effort. When face-to-face meetings are not possible, utilizing the Restya solution to establish, plan, and execute your delivery might be the next best thing. Restya allows you to do remote Program Increment (PI) Planning for your teams straightforwardly and seamless manner. The first step is to start preparing for your event.

Product Management

Restya is there for you through the product life cycle. Keep everything in one place and go from managing incoming client ideas and requests to offering your own. Turn accepted ideas into product functionality, continue with implementation, select the development method that best suits your team’s needs, and track product delivery.
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Risk Management

Risks and opportunities should be identified, analyzed, and responded to before they become problems. Get a visual overview of all Risks in the system and use automated risk factor calculations to determine which things should be addressed. Customize these calculations to match your project’s risk tolerance, and use color-coding to automatically indicate problematic items. Take a proactive and ongoing risk management strategy.
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Requests Management

Make the most of integrating requests from a variety of stakeholders, categorizing them, identifying dependencies, defining deliverables, and monitoring progress at all stages of the process. Restya allows you to obtain a better understanding of the number of requests and manage the full value stream from receipt to fulfillment. Don’t be intimated by the volume of emails arriving from numerous sources. Create a request in Restya automatically from an incoming email from clients or other departments within your company.
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Ideas Management

A spark of inventiveness is the starting point for success. The most successful businesses are full of the finest ideas, from novel company concepts to ground-breaking product designs. Of course, if you want to optimize your creativity and develop new features, services, products, and processes, you’ll need to capture every “lightbulb moment.” Restya recognizes the value of excellent ideas, which is why we provide a variety of tools to help you create, collect, and evaluate your newest thoughts.
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Remote Retrospectives using Restya

The greatest retrospective sessions, of course, are held face-to-face with actual whiteboards, post-its, or other tangible items to aid team collaboration, focus, and discussion. However, due to the present difficult global remote working scenario caused by COVID-19, this is not always achievable. As a result, we’ve gotten a head start on releasing the first version of our remote retrospective solution.

PSA (Professional Services Automation)

Many project teams utilize a variety of different project management, time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, business intelligence, and collaboration tools. Professional services automation (PSA) software provides one option.This article will provide you with an overview of PSA software and provide resources for companies looking to use an integrated software solution to manage project delivery.

BPM (Business Process Management)

Managing business processes is a key issue in most companies. Many business owners think it’s a costly investment or that it’s only useful for huge procedures. Business Process Management, on the other hand, is essential regardless of your company’s size. Here’s how to use automation to manage your company’s activities step by step.


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