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As an Agile Coach, you can assist individuals and groups in becoming better versions of themselves by utilizing agile values and principles as the foundation for the agile mindset.
We don’t claim that adopting Restya would miraculously make you more agile, but we do attempt to avoid stifling or even sabotaging it.
Of course, any tool may be misused, but we have Agile Coaches on staff to help prevent that from happening.
With regards to beliefs, principles, and practices, Restya may assist you. Let us demonstrate how we accomplish this.A

Individuals and Interactions

Nothing beats face-to-face cooperation in front of a whiteboard, but if you must use a tool, make sure it’s a modern one that’s easy to use and adjustable so you can construct more complex interactions.
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  • Custom Metrics
  • Automation rules

Software that works

If you want something truly easy, try Trello rather than Restya. Restya, on the other hand, is very simple to use and only works for and with you. We also offer crazy automation if the basics aren’t enough for you. If you need more information on them, you can look them up in the online documentation.
  • Solution Library
  • Use Case: using Automation Rules in Wargaming
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Customer Collaboration

We have a straightforward pricing policy. We provide and develop while you pay per user on a monthly or annual basis. There is no need to pay extra for any of the features. We don’t believe in plugins that need you to pay extra money to us or a third party. We’d rather collaborate with you to understand your problems and enhance Restya. In the interim, we’ll either build our solution or use a third-party service like Zappier or Tasktop.
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  • Slack Channel
Business Process
  • Integrations
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Responding to Change

Restya was created as a tool to help businesses become more agile. Things change, as we all know. As a result, we provide you the flexibility to alter how you or your teams utilize Restya. Restya allows anybody to develop views, which are simple to clone and alter. Do you require something other than the usual entities such as User Story, Feature, and Epic? We can add any entity that meets your needs to our Extendable data model, and you can use our generic views to access them.
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