Agile Portfolio Management

Your Lean PMO's Agile Portfolio Management Tool

Restya serves as a single point of truth for all agile portfolio management and strategy execution activities, from agile portfolio operations to lean governance and high-level strategy and investment decisions, with teams having the freedom to use any Agile method or create their custom work process.

Put the company's vision into action

To connect work goals with the company vision, visually arrange important topics and business activities. Examine a lean portfolio of goods, innovative solutions, and features, and rank them according to your company's vision and goals.

Examine your portfolio backlog for the most valuable projects to work on, taking into account the value of individual items, their chances of success, available budget, projected income, risks, and the cost of delay, among other factors. Track initiative progress, provide predictions based on accomplished work and assign lean budgets for planned activities.

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Visualize the Portfolios of Companies

To get insight into a strategy-to-execution flow and manage corporate portfolios in a lean-agile fashion, Restya utilizes a visualization method for agile portfolio reporting and value stream funding. To visualize progress and maintain work aligned with corporate goals and shifting needs, create a portfolio, solution, PI, and team-level roadmaps. To fulfill critical milestones, have clear visibility into which specific task items need to be done next.

Identify any potential delays ahead of time. To enhance productivity, manage team assignments and capacity. Get budget projections for initiatives and be informed if you're about to go over budget. To fulfill critical milestones, identify risks, develop risk actions, and control risks across a range of goods. Visualize portfolio flows on a Kanban Board.

Support Team Diversity

Restya is a federated method with various connectors that allows your teams to pick their agile working style. It also includes configurable views and reporting, as well as a federated approach with numerous interfaces to support an existing delivery flow. Teams should be informed of the company's vision and strategy.

Make it simple for various teams to collaborate on business projects. Drill down into the nitty-gritty of your portfolio to understand how your work relates to your bigger objectives. Support a variety of working styles so that teams may improve their procedures and outcomes. Allow teams to commit to scheduled activities by aligning demand with team capabilities

Large-Scale Solution

Large Solution SAFe is designed for businesses that are facing the most difficult issues, such as developing large-scale solutions that are beyond the reach of a single ART. Multiple ARTs and suppliers use Solution Trains to coordinate their activities. Solution Train Engineers (STEs), Solution Management, and Solution Architects collaborate to ensure that the Solution Train and its ARTs provide business solutions.

The Scaled Agile Framework software Restya helps STE achieve its aim of aligning people with work and leading them toward meeting the needs of the entire company. The tool also helps Solution Management achieve its aim of maintaining the solution vision and road map, defining work items (capabilities and enablers), and guiding work via the solution Kanban.

Teamwork and Agile Portfolio Management Software

When your company requires more than your existing project management solution can give, turn to Restya. Get a more flexible and reliable agile portfolio management software solution that you can use for team-level task management as well as enterprise-wide agile portfolio operations.

Get portfolio visibility on top of whichever project management tool teams and suppliers are using, whether it's Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure. Allow the information to flow freely between teams using Restya and teams using JIRA (or another PM solution), or use Targetprocess as a Jira alternative.

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Portfolio SAFe for Lean Portfolio Management

Restya is an excellent choice for enterprise-wide agile portfolio management. It's adaptable to your corporate work management system, and it's simple to set up for Portfolio SAFe or Full SAFe configurations. Furthermore, we provide excellent customer service to ensure that your agile scaling goes smoothly and that you are guided through the tool adoption process.

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